Morning after pill

I was working at the clinic yesterday, hanging out at the counter for a break when a lady came and asked for a 'morning after pill'.
Do any of you know this pill?
I guess the lady would.
It's other name is 'Postinor 2'.
It is an emergency contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy if you miss your pill and just had an intercourse with your husband.
It should be taken as soon as possible.
Example, the next morning.
You should not exceed 72 hours from the last  unprotected sexual intercourse. However, the percentage of pregnancy prevention is higher almost 94% if taken within 24 hours from the unprotected sexual intercourse and will reduce afterwards.
This pill works. However, should not be used frequently as it disrupts our hormones balance.
By 3 weeks, you should expect menses.

Back to the stories..
The counter girl asked the lady,'are you married?'
The lady:Yes of course!!
Counter girl: Owh Ok. Here you go (passing the box of pills).
Me:So K p, why did you ask the question?
K: I always ask that dr whenever somebody wants to buy the pills. It is a controlled pills.
Me:Yes, it is a controlled pill but it has nothing to do with whether one is married or not. So what if the girl is not married and she wants to buy 'Prostinor 2'?
K:Why would she need them if she is not married?
Me: Come on. You know they are many girls out there having pre-marital sex?
K:I won't sell them.
Me:No, you should sell them. It is to prevent pregnancies especially out of wedlock. What if they get pregnant and they start killing the innocent babies?Flushing in the toilets, leaving in the cold and etc? That leads to a worse case of social problem. Let them answer to God with what they did but we should stop pregnancy before it happens.
Patient lady: Betoi tu doctor. Betoi.

Well that is my personal view on contraception.
Of course the main core is to strengthen youngsters understanding on Islam and to make it a way of life but social problem is a big disaster and it needs to be controlled.

My breastfeeding contraception  voucher is over. So I was asking my sister in law on her choice of pills. Loette.

I've been advising others on how to take oral contraceptive pills but have never tried one.
So this is how you take it..

There are several ways like starting on Sunday and etc.
I choose the easiest one for me which is start taking the first pill on the 5th day of my menses.
That will be the first day/first pill. Take the pill at the same time everyday, do not miss it until the 21 days are complete. Stop for 7 days and start taking on day 8.
To make it easier to remember, I take the pill in the morning while popping my supplements so that it becomes a routine and will not be missed.
Do remember, the first 7 days of your pill taking, you are not yet protected.
That is why some people prefer starting the pill on the first day of menses so that by the time your menses are over, you are protected because you know thats when the action starts.

What if you miss your pill??
If you miss your pill for 1 day, take 2 pills the next day and continue daily intake as usual.
It is believed that missing a day of pill, will still be in a contraceptive protection.
If you miss more days then, just forget it because you are in danger!!
Scary kan?? Since I don't plan to get pregnant soon.

Maybe when Isabella has reached 2 years old. InsyaAllah. I have so much to do in the mean time:)
Today shots..


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