My note to my baby. Race does not matter.

Mommy who am I? You are who you are. People might assumed that you are Chinese. Talk to you in Chinese. Even the Malays might speak to you in Chinese slang.
'Amoi aaa, macam mana mau pigi ini tempat??'

You might feel annoyed. You might find the situation hilarious.

 Remember as confusing as that is, you are Chinese-Malay girl, a combination of mommy and daddy, a Malaysian and the most important, a Muslim.

However, you look, you are just special, unique.
Why is mommy telling you this?

Whenever you feel lost, whenever you feel like don't belong, too different, just remember to be yourself.

It is okay to look different, feel different,be different.
Once you embrace your uniqueness, you will shine the brightest.

You look Chinese.
Everyone in your family looks very Malay.
You think like the Chinese but others think like the Malays.
Just take the good side in everyone and keep it within yourself.
Use your good mind to make decision in life.

The good thing is that your mommy is just like you and she will guide you.
She didn't have anyone to share this to when your grandma passed away when she was so little.
She was lost until she found herself.

That is why girl, you have to be nice to others despite their differences, race, beliefs and religions.
Because we were born different..
And mommy does not think what race everyone is matters.


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