Older is better

Good morning everyone!!
I hope you had a great weekend with your loved ones:)

I was just browsing on my old photos back on when I was still a free hair girl the other day.

I was very reluctant to cover up for years.
My excuse was 'I will soon enough'.

What I feared was, will I still look good?
What if I don't like my new looks and I change back to my old ways (free hair)?
I don't know how to dress up if I cover up.
All my clothes are not for wearing hijab.

Excuses and excuses.

How I was so wrong.
Wearing a hijab is a must whether you know how to dress it up or not. It is not about looking good or stylish. It is about covering what should not be seen.

Everyone knows that change is good but we are always very hesitant towards it.
The first step is always the hardest.

So, as I was looking back on my old photos, thinking that I looked better without a hijab. That was my old thoughts pre-hijab.
I was surprised to realize that I actually didn't look that pretty.
It was just an idea that a person without hijab looks stylish than a cover up lady.
Yes! I could dress up freely before but now I am more careful with what I choose to wear.
Frankly, I like how I look now even more.

Age is nothing but numbers. No!! Ageing is scary.
I have always been anxious with my climbing numbers.
My thought was,' I probably look dragged now in comparison to my college days'.
I wouldn't see my old photos fearing that I might disapprove on my new older looks.
Being young is always prettier, better, alive.

Isn't that is why ladies resorted to plastic surgery, botox and etc?
And isn't that the reason why guys prefer younger ladies half their age?

When I looked at the photos of my early days <25 years old, my opinion was..
I looked so young, in term of my features have not matured, unripened.
I looked like 'budak-budak'.

I was surprised to see that I have not changed that much in term of ageing.
It is just that my feautures have ripened more.
Frankly, I look better now. My face has matured.

I have matured.
More confident, wiser, calmer, better.

With age comes wisdom, experiences and it shapes your beauty, your nature and that is the most precious life lessons that no money can buy.

If I was given a choice to choose what age that I prefer, I will say 'Nope, I choose to be where I am at now'.

I wouldn't buy an unripen fruit instead of the fruit which  is ready to be eaten and sweet.

I look forward to the future and more experiences, even more wisdom:)
As for ageing, lets age gracefully. Take care of our health in term of food, rest, minds and exercise.

Change our outlook on life. Be a positive person, optimistic. Work hard but appreciate life.
If you have something that you want to do, just do it.

Lets look forward to the power of being wiser and experienced.

Yup! I am older but I am way happier now :)


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