Reminiscing life abroad

Have you ever wonder about the life of students studying abroad??

The best life..

Medical students go to district hospital. 

Studied seriously with concentration.

never fool around.

Make your own party whenever you feel like eating Malaysian cuisine.

Study group in the park.

Attended course. However we were late to arrive. Thus the spending quality time outdoors.

Enjoying ourselves while waiting for the transports.

Went for a picnic on public holiday.

Played football in the sand.

Attended scary classes with 'garang' giler doctors.
One time, my friend Cud, the black scarf, had several episodes of fever in a month due to a very ferocious, old doctor (our teacher).

I used to shiver and pray that God take my life during his class.

We had to walk so far in the cold thick snow to reach the hospital/class.
It was so cold and windy that even the nostrils became frozen.

Several times, I confessed to Cud that I got so fed up of the cold that I would just stop walking and lie on the snow to freeze to death.

My classmates vowed that they would prefer to die in fire than freeze to death.
If you are wondering the temperature in winter, it was negative 25 and above.
It has even reached minus 40.

Winter in Russia is hostile. It made winter in Europe very very docile.

Celebrate Raya in town.

Chilling in the park while waiting for lecture.

Evaluating the view..

Participated in Sports Day..

Everyone wore tracksuit, but I had to wear traditional costume.
I refused to play hahaha.
I used to play netball until my 5th year when I decided that I was too old to jump around.

The unglamorous life of a student..

Cook your own meal in an orange t-shirt.

Cook rendang and raya food yourself on the night before eid.

Get chased by a wild dog..

Gave way to a wild dog.

Living in a dingy flat.
Warch to make us feel at home.

Make your own cupcakes.

Which tasted so delicious despite the look.

In a nutshell, it has taught me about myself, friendships, survival, experiences, cultures and life.

I will encourage my children to study abroad for the experiences:)


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