Savouring the sweetness

I am down with flu and fever.
Popping up panadol every now and then to get me going.
As I can't cancel my clinic duty.

Whenever I feel down, I have this little indulgence..
It is a gift to myself.
Which I rarely treat myself with..

Indulging my sweet tooths.

I am such a big fan of sugar.
Thank God I am a doctor that I know lots of side effects from this that I restrain myself.

Wondermilk cupcakes are just too good.

However, once in a blue moon, I don't think it is a sin to enjoy a little pleasure as long as you don't go overboard right.

My favourite moist choc by Nurul shari Kexbakery. Check her insta or facebook!!
So moist, soft and not overly sweet.
They are too good. She has several choices for you. You will not be disappointed trust my overly fastidious sweet tooth.

Guylians are just a heaven sent.

Banoffe pie from Munirah Bakery. Do check them in her instagram.
If you haven't tasted them, you are in for a surprise!!

I feel like indulging myself. I wonder if my husband is reading this.Sigh*
I can't possibly leave the clinic to get them can I? Lol.

But seriously this will treat my flu ASAP!!
Sweets and chocolates have endorphin what the scientists call as 'happy hormones'.
That is why they make me happy.
Shopping makes me feel guilty later on.
Too much sweets and calories do that too.

I am looking forward to resting tomorrow.
However, husband will be working and that is a setdown.
Anyway, Isabella and I will try to squeeze in some quality time together:)

Have a great weekend people.
Spend them wisely with your loved ones:)

p/s: remember to wash your hands with soaps after blowing your nose to avoid spreading of infection:)


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