Think about your wedding..

I am in a melancholy mood lately what with hubby going abroad for 2 months and me going back to Terengganu.
We both will be away from each other.
I hate that part of life.
I am going to miss him.
So I was browsing our photos to remember the good times hoping that it will uplift my current mood.
And I found this..

The day when 2 become 1..

Photos are from Janggut Touch

We were so young, joyful and in love..
It was the best day of our live.
To be husband and wife..

I have to remember that no matter where we are, we will always love each other.
hahaha am I being a lil dramatic??
Hell ya!! I can't live without him.
I want to sleep next to him every night..

What I love about wedding is the happy faces of my friends..

These are all doctors from Hospital Selayang.
We worked together and when they were around, the workload was bearable.
Okay not bearable but atleast we could steal few moments together in pantry, having a very late lunch or praying together.
If not, I will only get to talk to my patients.
Having them will light my days:)

Looking at this made me realize how far we've come and how I miss them. We are all everywhere all over the country now.

Hubby's friend Ins Muza and wifey. They are having a baby:)

My besties:)

The Uitm's buddies.

Ex- Badlishah

Leaving a word or two for memories.

Dr Cud my friend forever. We have been together since form 1, sitting next to each other until Russia.
She knows me like a book. Before I even say anything, she will sense what I wanted to say.

I don't want to have a reception again as I am not a fan of wedding especially my own. You know, the feelings when everyone is looking at you. All you need to do is smile and salam and talk to others eventhough you don't know them at all.. It was exhausting. A romantic private wedding is very charming but being a Malay, you cannot have that. A wedding is a celebration for your parents. That is why, most of the guests would be from your parents.

Weddings are so expensive. I am so glad we are over that now hahahaha.
To whoever planning a wedding , goodluck, have fun and remember, a wedding doesn't last forever but a marriage does. So spend smart:)


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