Tony Romas Time

Hubby has to get some blazer or jacket before he flies to Bosnia.
So we decided to wander around the Curve the other day.
We had lunch at Tony Tomas.

I seriously drool over the shrimp pasta. Sedaaapnya!!!
Italian cuisine has always been my favourite and I am very fussy with the taste.
It is safe enough to say that I haven't found my favourite pizza and pasta in KL yet.
However, this one is quite delicious and I enjoyed it tremendously.
Of course hubby thought it tasted blend. That is how the real pasta taste like.
If you compare them to Nasi Lemak of course they are blend in comparison.
You can't expect Italian dish to taste like Nasi Kandar can you? hahaha.

Thankfully our little baby agreeably fell asleep.

We then went to look for hubby's shoes and clothes.
He has started shooting in KL for 2 dramas with Yana Samsudin and will be very busy soon.
Kalau hati ini rama-rama.

As his personal fashion consultant, I just had to be dragged along.

I was a consultant and a babysitter simultaneously.

How cute was the breastfeeding room at the Curve??
Just look at the wall paper.
The Baby Room was situated near Schapoholic booth.

It is very convinient for mothers and babies.
Besides, if you are tired of walking in heels and finding excuse to rest your butt, you can just take your baby for breastfeeding session at the Baby Care Room.
Enjoying the view of the wallpaper.

When we came home, she just dropped herself on the bed motionless.
Must be tiring being a baby and all.

She missed her swimming session.
However, mummy was understanding and let her slide.
After all, baby needs enough sleep to grow:)


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