Isabella woke me up with a cry. I knew this was coming and have been dreading it.
A flu!!! I saw a toddler having runny nose at her daycare 2 days ago and I had a bad feeling.
Isabella started having blocked nose from yesterday but I kept praying that it was due to the cold weather. Dilusional mommy.
Until her mucous pour down like rain today. 
Man, I threw my wet towel down. She is so cranky as she gets annoyed of the mucous.
Arrghh!One more thing to add to my plate, a sick baby.
They should have sent the kid home for being sick.

Fell asleep again. Poor baby. Now this will take almost 2 weeks to recover. Curse***

No longer a happy baby:(
I will have to look for a babysitter who will take care of her when I am oncall and doesn't have other kids around.


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