Avoid stressing your child..

Babies need a regular routine. Stability. This is what I have learned so far.
Their daily routine such as time to wake up, bath, change, breastfeed, play, nap, play again and sleep need to be established.

Unfortunately, sometimes parents are so busy with chores that we drag our kids around with us making them miss their sleep. They might sleep in strollers or in the car.
I believe that it is not the same.

When that happens, Isabella just go high-wire!!

Babies, infants, children need to nap during the day. Some infants nap between 2-4 times in a day.
Parents might not be aware of the importance of napping in children.

I won't go into the technical details as that might spin your head and bore you but growth hormones are released several times in a day and the peak will be approximately 1 hour after the nap, during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage. This is the stage when a child is in a deep sleep following a dream.

Why do kids need GH (growth hormone)?
For growth of course. 
It stimulates the cells developments and productions which contribute to the growth in children, muscles' developments,brain, strength, concentration and etc.

In adults, we believe that enough sleep makes us younger. Thats it!! Because sleep helps our body recharge the battery, repair old, tired cells and make new fresher cells. Thus, our skin looks fresh, dewy, pink and beautiful the next morning.

Sleep in infants -kids range between 10.5 hours to 13 hours in a day and they gradually decreased as they get older.

Sometimes we missed the cue that indicates how sleepy and tired they are. 

Isabella rubs her eyes and face when she is sleepy. Her eyelids start dropping lower and she will be in a state of day dreaming. Drowsy.

However, she won't sleep if there are so many stimulants around her such as the room being too bright, too much noise or just being outside the house.

She will sleep when everything is peaceful such as when mommy lies next to her to rest or if she is relaxed enough on her chair.

She is a 'self- soother' which means she sleeps on her own. We don't have to pat her to sleep.

So once she missed her nap, she will go high-wire!! Throwing tantrum and that is when mommy scratch her head. It is not easy to soothe a stress infant. hahahaha. Patience!!!

When a child goes on staying awake despite being exhausted and sleepy, her body will release adrenalin and she will be under stress.

She is so wide awake as if she just drank coffee or red bull (thats why sleepy driver drinks this) but she will be so cranky and refusing to sleep.

Everything is wrong for her. She doesn't want anything. Nothing can soothe her. My husband will ask me 'What is wrong with her?Why is she in a bad mood?'
My answer is 'She is stress'.
Indeed she is.

What she needs is sleep, rest and to be soothed. If I made her sleep 30 minutes earlier, everything would have changed. Some people do not understand this. They thought something might be wrong with their children or that they were hungry or just being a nuisance, acting out.
No they are not. Their body work that way. Exhaustion, fatigue and the body goes under stress.

So, instead of distracting them with tv, or taking them for a drive, walk and such, we should soothe them to sleep. They might fight you but that is what they need at that moment. 
Try singing lullaby softly and pat the back softly. They will feel calmer and peaceful thus sleep will come soon.

They don't need some other activities to increase the stress eventhough they get distracted and will stop crying.

I find many still don't get this concept. That is why I avoid taking my baby out for too long.
Recognize your child needs to sleep and to provide the opportunity.

A child with enough sleep definitely a healthier and and brighter one.
The battery is recharged now for her to explore, concentrate and learn everything about the curious, fascinating world:)


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