Forgetting our anniversary

Today, somebody asked me for how long have I been married.
I paused..hhhhmmmmm.. Owh My God it is April and that means we have missed our 2 years anniversary.
It has been only 2 years and how could we forget the date. We are not old couples.
It was 15 of April 2014, the day I dropped my husband at the airport.
I was too occupied by his leaving and getting back to work that I missed the date.
Well, he missed it because I don't know, maybe thinking about leaving us.
If he was sad, he didn't show it.

Now this upset me.
I see couples celebrating their anniversary with food, flowers and gifts, atleast wishes.
Last year, we celebrated by spending time together. It was simple but sweet.

Do you guys remember your date and celebrate it?
Am I on the wrong side or is it normal to forget your anniversary?

Well, when I get upset, I tend to blame my husband. Hehehe. That is because he could have reminded me or remember. I have more on my plate than he does.
I guess blaming game is bad. So I blamed inside my heart quietly.

What do you guys do when you get upset with your husband?
I am really really upset with him about something else.
I have never been this upset so I don't know how to handle this.
I am usually very chill kind. I mean I would just tell him what I thought was wrong, we discussed and hear each side of the story and make up.
It is very simple.
I have never given him a cold shoulder.
Recently I heard some couples don't talk for days after an arguments.

Marriage is a new thing even after 2 years. 2 years are just like 2 days and it is a learning process.


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