A wonderful husband who I am missing badly..

It has been more than 2 weeks since his last presence here with me.
Somedays are good and somedays are unbearable.

A wife will always need her husband.
Maybe not for chores as she can do it herself but for company.
My husband is my partner for life, my bestfriend and foe, someone to laugh at, laugh with, to cry  for and to cry at.

Do you know when you missed someone too much, you started clinging to the good memories you had together.
 That is what I do before I close my eyes to sleep.

'Cause you are all I want,
You are all I need,
You are everything'- Everything by Lifehouse

That is my favourite song which I am listening right at this moment.

So what attracted me to him was his smile.hehehe
It was so sweet and genuine.
Pretty cute smile you have there.
Contributed to my sleepless night all those days.
hahaha he didn't know it.
Hah I would not tell him.
I wasn't even interested in you.
Pride is something I appreciate very well.

The first time I saw him, he was totally avoiding me.
He was looking at everyone but me.
What a shy person.
Well, the others were boys.
He is a socially awkward person.
Who hid himself behind the serious, quiet expression.
I on the other hand is not a shy person socially.
So yea I made the first move.
I said hye.
I was talking to him as if we have been friends forever, yet he replied without looking at me.
At first , he gave me the unfriendly vibe, aloof and harsh.

When I squeezed inside, I found the soft layer of a very gentle, caring person, who rubbed my back when I was pregnant, who made rice porridge for me in the middle of the night when my stomach was against everything.

A man who gives me freedom to do as I please, who appreciate my thoughts and trust my judgements.
A very understanding person and very patience.
See I didn't mention romantic there? hahaha
That he is not. So am I.
We are not romantic but with lots of romance.
hah don't start having a yellow thought in that mind of yours.

The good times when we walked hand in hand around the Lion City for honeymoon, high up in the cable care. Waaa! I will go anywhere with you husband.
Wink** I am planning for a trip to Perth or Phuket.
Husband has given a green light.
Depends if we can get visas to Australia fast enough.
What do you guys think? 
A leisure time by the seaside or a walk in the city of Perth?
Do let me know your thoughts okay.

Overall I will say that
I am very lucky.
To have found love, a friend and soulmate.
I adore my husband to the bone.
His look, cuteness hahahaha, kindness, love and care towards me and Isabella.
Come home fast baby because I want to wrap you in my arms and never let go:)


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