My cute husband??

Good morning people. I'm sorry for being away from my blog hahaha. I've been busy doing doctor stuffs lately. 
So it has been how many days since my husband has disappeared hahaha.I lost count already. I forgot to count as I had no time to count.

Anyway, communication is difficult since the time difference is 6 hours. We will be morning when they are at midnight. He would come back at midnight and whatsapp me. I would definitely be sleeping as it was 4-5 a.m. malaysia time. However, i still woke up with one eye to reply and doze back to sleep. Though I know not what we talked about.
He sent me so many photos to make me feel like I was there.Duhh!! I don't though.Hahaha i am here with funny smelling legs because wards are filled with patient having vascular diseases. Flash back to my medical student times.

However, it was sweet of him to include me. In reply he asked me for baby and me photo. None. I have not taken photos together lately.
His instagram followers are increasing and mostly followed by girls hahaha. Now he has more followers than me.
Browsing through the comments, there was a girl who kept on commenting on his photo 'comel' and 'comel @iskandarzulkarnain_'

I wonder to myself 'Is my husband cute?'
Macam pelik saja.
Anyway he is coming back in 2 weeks time and I am planning for a family getaway maybe to Phuket or Perth.


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