Baby outfit H&M

Isabella woke up as early as always. Ready for appointment with her Prudential agent.
She has a Prudential healthcare coverage for a while now but mommy needs to sign a few documents and pay. All these while her coverage has been paid by her agent because of my hectic schedule.
Kak Mimi, the agent said that atleast Isabella has been covered while daddy was away to Bosnia.
She is very close to us, very reliable and a senior consultant at Prudential agency in Damansara. With more than 10 years of experiences and several awards at her belt.

I also applied Pru Lady which covers 50k for any lady illness/ plastic reconstruction such as from breast removal due to cancer, or plastic surgery after a facial trauma for example. If the account is active after a year, and I get pregnant, give birth after 2 years of Pru lady, I will get RM 1500 after a delivery. If you prefer more for instant RM 3000, you just need to add more for monthly premium.
I chose the cheapest for Pru Lady as my health insurance is quite high.

The meeting was at Paradigm Mall.
We chose the place because we wanted to visit H&M for Isabella's clothes. For her at home outfits. I bought Poney from JPO but those are for outing. For at home, she wears bodysuits and overall/pajamas at night. My preference is always H&M for kids. The outfits are simple enough to wear at home, cute and adorable with an appropriate price. Not pricey at all.
I bought some from Cotton on kids in JPO but there wasn't much choices for a baby.

Here is Isabella wearing cotton kids bodysuit.

We had lunch at the Chillis. I had chocolate molten lava for dessert as always. Couldn't resist it everytime.

RM 300 worth of baby clothes. I guess she has enough now. I always buy her clothes in one shot like the one when she was born and after 6 months. Next time, it will be when she is one year old:)

I am wearing Dorothy Perkins top with belt, fuchsia pallazo from Rina Salleh Clothing, scarf from Tudung People


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