Interior designer wanna be

Yesterday, I was in the mood for an 'interior designing'. So I rummage the lovely lace shop and got some goods.
I haven't had the time to share yesterday as I was rushing to work.

Here they are..

Opps, not this good.

These two pots of flower and a table lamp. The bicycle clock is not included. It was a wedding gift from my close friends. They just know my taste.

This vintage book covers.

I placed them on my coffe table in the living room. Now, the table is not so empty.

My dining table was too empty too. So I got this big candle, buy two free one. The tier plates were a wedding gift. Instead of lying in the box, I took them out but I have no idea what to fill them with for now.

These pots are for flowers but that can wait as I have to squeeze some time for flowers hunting.

I know, I have a long way to go. What with my wall so empty. 

Perhaps some wallpaper and paintings will brighten the place. It is quiet place, with very few habitants. Hopefully, I can make it before Raya.

When will my living room look like this?? Making list of the things I need.

Till next time, tata.. If you guys have any idea, I will appreciate the sharing. Thank you:)


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