Seriously, you must come here!!

It was an awesome weekend in JB. We know now that we will go back again. Imagine, I bought La Senza bras 3 for RM99!! They were perfect. Even Ms Anzalna wa there with her boyfriend. He paid for her.She was so petite in person. Way shorter than I am and too thin. She obviously didn't want to be recognized as she tried to avoid gazing into people's eyes. Since I crossed her path face to face, I did look at her as I was thinking 'this girl looks familiar'. She saw me studying her face, and she looked down. However, it was her tall and bald boyfriend who caught my attention. I saw his photos before and recognized him. They were walking hand in hand, looking so in love. She is not that pretty in person. Okayla.

Anyway, my in laws were excited to see her. They got to see her but they didn't ask for her autograph or anything. Usually they would ask for photos.

Do you know that you can get Michael Kors, Coach, Ck and Lacoste handbags for a cheap bargain???? We bought so many which were even more than we planned initially. That is because, even on our way home, they wanted to stop at JPO for the last time. Isabella got her outfits from Cotton on kids and Poney outlet.

Daddy got Lacoste shoes and he was so excited about it.

We reached home at 12 midnight and dropped dead. Suddenly I woke up startled and found my baby already on the floor. She fell from the bed. I guess she was crawling on us when we were asleep. That was a new thing, crawling on us while we sleep out, from our bed. Imagine how panicked we were waking up to find her on the floor at the end of the bed, face down. When I grabbed her, she cried. Good thing is we have a low, modern bed. Nevertheless it still scare her and hurt her here and there but she has no regret and currently trying to crawl down from the bed again, thinking that she is the spiderman. Sigh.


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