Somebody broke into my house last night!!!

I was sleeping soundly last night until I was woken up by a noise.
Looked at the time on my ipad 4 a.m.
It could be just my imagination.
Could be the neighbour's door.
However, to be on the safe side, I decided to check by placing my left ear at the bedroom door.
I had my suspicion.
There was no sound.
I didn't want to go outside my room to check as it could be dangerous.
There was only silence.
Yupp, it must be just a coincidence.

My husband called me and as I was talking to him, I lied down on the carpet so that I could watch shadow through the slit under the door.
Yupp I was creative as I have been staying alone since a little girl, 6 years old when my father went to work.
Sleeping alone at night was no biggy deal since small.
I didn't say anything to husband as I could just be mistaken.
But there was a hunch here, in my chest.
We said goodbye and I put my phone away.

There was sound again coming from downstairs.
It wasn't loud but suggestive of somebody being downstairs.
Looking through the slit, I could see two shadows moving by tip toed.
They were trying very hard to be quiet.
Now, that's confirmed it.
I immediately reached my phone.
Should I call the police?
Dialed daddy. No answer. 
Mom. No answer.
I was struggling to browse through my contacts.
I should have set up speed dial for then.
Who should I call?
No pint calling hubby because I might be dead by then.
Call my cousin who lived with my parents.
Ein, ein, ein.
Where the hell is his numbers?
Gosh, what if the bugglers just ramped through my door?
Called Naim.
Not picking up.
Last choice, call Nafez.
I doubt that he will answer the phone as he sleeps like the dead.

Ring ring.....
Few seconds passed.
"Kak Shipah!!"
Me:Apis, abg ein ada?
Apis:ada ngn apis ni.
Me:Can you tell him to come over now and sleep at my place. I'm scared. Seems like somebody is in the house. Come quick!
Apis:Really?Owh ok. But actually, we are already in your house.
Me:????hah? So you guys were the one who broke into my house in the middle of the night?
Taik kentut korang. Should have told me hahahahaha.

Ngokngek cousins. I gave them an extra set of keys to come in at night whenever they are free to sleep over.
It was 4 a.m. and being boys, they don't sleep early.
Fuuhhh!Relief. It could have turned out bad.

The moral of the story is I should have created a speed dial  for emergency.
Better late than sorry.
Okay I will do it now.


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