A great father

I saw a video about daddy and it brought tears to my eyes.
I thought of all those time that my husband took care of Isabella after her came back from work no matter how sleepy he was or tired or hungry. He always prioritize Isabella before his own needs.

It is true that we don't appreciate daddy enough as much as we appreciate mothers.

Eventhough, they do more than their share of work at time and it is not easy being a father as well.

My husband's love to Isabella is enormous that if he hears Isabella cries through the phone when my parents babysit her, he would be on his way home from his Damansara's office within seconds. Within 30 minutes he will be in Putrajaya, knocking on my parents' door.

I will receive a phone call when he was on his way how Isabella has been crying in my parents place, probably because she wanted one of us around and he was already on his way home.
Wow! So fast.
He is sensitive like that.
Such a hands on daddy.

Here is to the best daddy in the world, who willingly bath his baby, change diapers, feed her, play with her, put her to sleep and comfort her when she cries.
A daddy who sacrifices a lot for his children. To the daddies out there.
The world would be so bleak without any of you.
You are a huge influence on your family and your children.
A mother nurtures but a father influences and determines a child's attitude, morality and behavior in the future. Their insights on responsibility and the ability to be independent.
Huge responsibilty to the daddies out there.

Thank you daddy. You have been great with our little angel. You are indeed a great father. We are lucky to have you sayang. Thank you daddy. Here to more years to come:)


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