What kind of mother will I be in Ramadhan??

I am back.
I was away 'balik kampung' visiting my husband's side of the family.
We had a lot of fun spending time with his sisters, exchanged stories.
No wifi though.
Got new roses from the nurseries which I am super duper excited to start gardening.
Today, we rushed from LBJ, negeri Sembilan as both of us are working today.
Isabella has to be with mommy all day long.
I hope she will behave.
My first day of fasting was not that great. I woke up slightly late for sahur and managed to drink only a small cup of water.
So the whole day I was breastfeeding,I felt as dry as a drought.
Not the milk though, but me. Felt weak.
So day 2, after iftar I carried a big bottle of plain water with me all the time until the morning.
Same with my SIL. That was all that she did, drinking plain water. So did I. I love the fact that I can ask big sisters for advices.

This Ramadhan opens a new chapter to us. Makes me think about life and hoping to be a better Muslimah, a solehah wife. Now, what should I cook for my hubby for our way early breakfast.
He said, be it simple, anything as long it is warm and fresh, he will be fine.
I am so excited to do this as last year I was pregnant and being away from my husband and family, spending Ramadhan in Kuala Dungun, Terengganu all alone. It was sad and I admired my husband going back and forth just so he could iftar with me. We ate food from Bazar. I didn't cook at all. Maybe sardine but that was too easy to be counted. Despite all his sacrifice, I love you sayang, I didn't thank him enough.

The Ramadhan before, I was a medical houseman in Hospital Selayang and I was so busy that we missed most of our sahur. Nobody woke up. Bad lousy wife. Don't judge me though if you were never a medical houseman hahahaha.

So this year is a year to prove myself what kind of a mother will I be?
Will I be the kind who heat meals from bazar or old cooked meal or will I be the kind who cook a fresh rice and dishes for the table. I remember when I was in school where I stayed with my grandma and auntie, every morning, the food would be hot and fresh. She would wake up at 3 a.m. just to coke for us several dishes. She was a great cook. I didn't appreciate that until I am a wife knowing what a sacrifice it is to wake up and prepare a fresh meal for your family. I thought every wife does that. Turns out, not to point fingers to anyone, many mothers just buy from restaurant or heat the iftar food.

My husband is a fussy man when it comes to food. So I am prepared to roll my sleeves to perform this duty this year. Hope tak kantoi and I will wake up.

Iftar, sadly we will be on duty and he would have to do it in the office while I in clinic. There will be days for us to enjoy it together.
He is looking forward for tarawih. Last year we did tarawih together whenever I was back at the city. Hopefully, we will be able to appreciate this month together as a couple and bring our hearts even closer. Amin.


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