Where to find cheap carpets for Raya???

Salam everyone,
How is your day coming along?
Mine has been fantastic!!
Today, after a month long, my husband and I went for a ride in a car together.
Felt so strange.
Just like the dating days.Hahahaa.
Anyway, we went for furniture hunting and to collect 2 of my parcels from Zalora at GDex Bangi.
I just couldn't be bothered to wait for them at home as I will usually be out.
Instead of wasting my time waiting, my husband suggested that we go and collect them at the office.
We can then go to settle few errands.
We need to get some furnitures for our future helper.
I can't have my assistance sleep on the cold marble floor, can I ?
So heartless of me.

So off we went around looking.
There was a big furniture outlet in Bangi.
Don't ask me what section.
Don't know.

RM 2000. So comfortable.

There were so many choices with good bargains.
In the end, we took a single bed, a shoe rack, A leather L shaped sofa set and a swing.

This is where my baby and I will sit while we watch TV.
So fun for mommy-daughter time right??

See my husband carrying Isabella on his back like a Cave man.

Next, stop was Gulatis Bangi Section 7.
We went to buy Traditional Suit for hubby.
We got the right color for him to match baby and mommy.
Off we went to Jakel.
I knew that Jakel was having a mega sale for carpets.
That was because my husband bought an original sheep's wool carpet at Jakel Shah Alam.
It was cheaper than Ikea but better quality.
I believed the Ikea one was synthetic.
If I am not mistaken.

This one cost about RM70.

We were planning to visit Jakel in Shah Alam on Saturday.
However, my husband found out that they opened a big outlet in Bangi near old Warta/Bangi PKNS.

Eventhough it was a working day, it was still crowded.
Because they were great bargains.
I have been going to carpet shops for a year now.
Checking prices.
Calculative as usual.
I wanted to get this wool, furry carpet so that my house will look modern chic and when my baby fall, I will feel less guilty.
However, the price has been like RM 400 for a medium and RM 600-1000 for a big one.
A cheaper version will compromise the quality.
Those made in China one will have the wool falling out in no time.
My housemate bought this kind of carpet from IKEA several years ago and I had to sweep the floor everyday as that fur kept coming off eventhough nobody was pulling them.

This carpet was huge.
It has just arrived.
Usually the price was around RM 1500-2000 as it is a big homemade carpet, hand stitched.

The retailer gave me a price of RM1400
I got this for RM1150. The manager came down himself because I demanded a lower price.
It is in my bone to bargain.

Isabella agreed for this so we got it wrapped for her.
After a year, I found a price that I agreed to and there was no turning back for me.

Cream and red. So soft and fluffy.

This is from koala bear.
Very soft.
It is small size so the price is RM399.
You can get a lower price if you work your charm of course.
Let the ladies do the talking.

A carpet from panda bear. Poor those pandas but their wool are siper soft and fluffy.
RM 450. Medium size.

Medium size RM 200.
I got this kind for my bedroom but black and grey color.
Murah gilerrr!!

Medium size woolen carpet RM 250. I repeat, medium size okay not small.
You cannot get a medium size for a Turkey woolen carpet for Rm 250.
Got this for the living room.

Now, we are just putting our tired feet on the coffee table while waiting for the furnitures to arrive.

To those who are looking for carpets, seriously go check Jakel!!


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