Fulfilling childhood through your baby

I could be a very wise spender for myself but when it comes to my baby,  I have no self control.
Everything that I see, I will go 'Owh that will look good on Isabella. And that too'.
Forget about the price tag.
If I make her wear this everyday, it will totally be worth it.
Poney was having a final sale in Parkson and everything was 50%.
Trudy teddy has adorable collections and I just couldn't resist.
Though the price tag is twice or thrice Poney.

When I came home, I showed Isabella her Raya outfits waiting to see if she is as excited as I am.
She just couldn't be bothered.
She took one look at the price tag, squeled in excitement maybe thinking that mommy was out of her mind or because she loves to swallow a tag.
And the tag went inside her mouth. Nyum nyum.
I bought 2 pairs of adorable little ballet pumps for her from the Lovely Lace. They were more expensive than mine.
Hubby just shook his head.

When it comes to dressing up your baby, it actually feels like the mother is dressing herself up through her child.
Maybe because I didn't get to wear all these fancy clothes as a child and I want to wear them now ,but since they don't fit me, I let Isabella wear them for me.
Daddy always made me wear tracksuit and t-shirt as a child.
Boring huh.
Here to fulfilling my childhood again.
Peace Uolls.


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