Knight in shining armour

I was rushing home tonight.
Chicken was defrosted.
Took off my headscarf and hopped into the shower.
Went down to the kitchen.
A night chef in action.
Yawn!! Sleepy. Chop chop veges.
Ouchh!! Damn, I chopped my finger.

What?? It was 11.30 at night. I was sleepy. Hahahaha.

I immediately ran it under water.
Thats when I saw the big chunk of flesh missing.
Butchered by my favourite knife, the ceramic knife.
Very sharp and it gets your chopping done fast.

Now, it is less of my favourite thing. Such a bloodthirsty knife.

Blood spurted everywhere on the cabinet till the floor.
Despite, the running water, it kept on spurting so I closed the hole using the flesh side by side to stop bleeding.
Went upstairs to get some tissues.
The wound was really stubborn so I applied ice on it. 
After 15 minutes, it was still bleeding so I said ,'crap, I am not going to get sutured'.
Hubby: Do you wanna go to a clinic?
Me: What?? No way. I just got back from there.

After 30 minutes, the bleeding stopped.Yeay!!

My knight in shining armour dressing my cut.
He was quick when I told him I got a knife cut.

He offered to continue my task but I told him they were done for tonight.

Things I do for the solehah title. Hahahaha.
I can't remember the last time I got a cut. Must be ages like 10 years ago.

He applied gamat.

Isabella was too active at 12 mn.

Worried about mommy's laundry. Offering to help.

Poor daddy had to dress mommy's wound while monitor her activities.

Trying to grab my Haagen Dazs.

Goodnight everyone.


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