Obsessed mommy

My baby is almost 9 months in 2 weeks time.
I still can't get enough of her.
Especially now that she is blabbering on her own.
Louder when she doesn't get her way.
Nagging on one of us.
It is so funny seeing her does it.

I feel like eating her all up.
She is as adorable as a cupcake.
I am a dessert addict thats why.
Whenever, I come home at night, she knows the time.
As soon as she sees me, she will start whining and blabbering as if reporting on her daddy.
She would crawl to me to be picked up.
I lift her up, kiss her cheeks and tease her till she starts laughing again.
At night, when she lies next to me, I just look at her face, facing me, delving on how much I love this little me.
Eventhough people are saying that she is my husband's version of Chinese.
She doesn't look like me except for being Chinese look.
I don't care. You people know nothing okay.
She looks like me exactly(annoyed mommy) hahahaha.
Don't you dare say otherwise.

I would pat her bottom, smooth her soft, fine hair and bring her close to my body for hug.
That is how we sleep.
And then her daddy would lean to her for a kiss. Sibuk saja.
This is my daughter okay.

I hope that she knows how much that she is loved.
So that she feels safe.
I want to protect her from anything and everything.
The feelings never go away.
I thought that once you are used to having your child around, you won't be as besotted as you were on the first day you have her.
Well, I am still besotted, very much.
I am already worried thinking on the day she will sleep in her own bed.
Waaaa! my bantal busyuk.
Please don't leave mommy.


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