Old generation vs youngs

Third day of raya..
It was time for Isabella to visit her great grandmother on my husband's side in Tangkak Johor.
It was far I know.
But every year it is a must to balik kampung.
It was a very classic kampung with rubber estate all around, forest and orchards everywhere.
Atuk's house was very ancient and the atmosphere as I stepped in took me way back to the old days, perhaps the days before I was even born. Days I have never experienced.
The thing I realized at that moment was that I have only a few hours to experience this life in a very run-downed hut and instead of acting like a spoiled-city-brat which I am not, I spent it with my husband's aunties and grandmother.
So I took off my 4 inch heels, went straight into the kitchen where I could see the outside through a large jagged hole from the wooden wall.
I wonder why they don't repair this place because despite the run downed place, atok has always been known with his acres of land which if you combine all, enormous.
Wouldn't it get cold at night with the cold air entering the house. It doesn't look safe either.
I made a conclusion that they simply like it this way. I shouldn't think too much as how I can I understand everyone's mind.

I spotted my husband's grandmother sitting on the cement's floor and despite wearing Jovian Mandagie's outfit, I sat next to her as she ate her late lunch alone.
She looked better than last year. Healthier.
She was frail last raya. Just lying down helplessly on a thin mattress.

Now that she looks better, I barely recognized her.
She reminded me of my own grandmother.
How I wished I could place my head on my grandmother's lap and have her old wrinkled palms on my cheeks. Time could never be turned back as memories could never be replaced.

I chatted with her about small things in life, mostly about her health. ,She showed her medicines to me. I checked her small hospital's book. She is doing well and I am glad. I have never known her before.
As I hugged and kissed her goodbye, I solemnly wish that I will see her again.

Seeing old generation is a blessing. They teach us a lot of things about life through an observation. My own grandma has long gone.
And there is only this old grandma who reminded me of my own.
You could call me the grandma stealer. I craved for a grandmother's love.
We can entertain everyone at every age but nothing beats the feelings of entertaining an old folk especially one who looked lonely in the middle of a busy crowd.
Even if you never met her before.
My husband asked me in the car,' Didn't you feel awkward that you walked in and greeted everyone as if you know them all?'

I replied,'Awkward? Embarassed? I meet strangers on daily basis and I can talk to all ages. If I didn't know your aunties much, this is the time that I should get the bonds closer. After all we are young. It is our job to greet and lift up the eldest's mood'.


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