Eid mubarak everyone

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitrieveryone.
It has been a wonderful celebration to us the whole family.

Enjoyed fireworks with family on the eve of Raya.

In the morning of Raya itself, my husband and I woke up so early despite having just slept like 3 hours ago due to family late night chat.
That is a natural occasion when everyone of his sibblings gather.
Havoc and cheerful.
We went for morning sunnah Eidil fitri pray.
It was a very touching moment to me the moment I saw the blue mosque.
I feel so blessed and touched, sad, missing beyond words.
My heart was heavy.
I remembered my deceased grandmother.
I didn't get to visit her grave this year.
I read Al-Fatihah for her several times while climbing the stairs into the mosque.

This year, we are celebrating with my husband's side of the family.
Still, my parents house is just 40 minutes away from his kampung.
So, I don't mind at all.
We visited my father inlaw's grave.
We really missed him.
I wish that he knows how much we think of him on this special day.
Eid to a child is about all fun celebration, but to an adult, it is about missing those who have left us.

It was blissful celebration.
How was yours?


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