Morning chat!!

Good morning,
What shall we talk about today??
Lets just talk okay.
Do you know that I am so hooked with Rindu Awak 200%??
TV 3 drama which starts at 7 p.m. everyday.
I am not a fan of Malay drama, forgive me if I sound high and mighty.
I just prefer those english channels much more.
That is why I am not familiar with Malay actress and actors.
The nurses in my clinic watch the dramas though.
So, I would know the stories based on their updates.
I would glance once in a while but I was never hooked.
Could be because of the acting.
I have to admit that the storylines usually were interesting.
So one day, I glanced at the tv and there he was the leading role in Rindu Awak 200%.
Just watched with a bore look on my face.
Until he started throwing his lines.
My left hand under my chin fell on the table.
I turned to the nurse,'Who is this guy? His acting is very spontaneous and natural?'
They aswered,'Zul Ariffin'.
From then on, I was hooked to the series.
It is just amazing how natural he delivers the lines.
As if he was creating his own dialogues.
Now, when a fellow Malaysian does something well, I will give him a pat on the back.
'Great job dude. I will watch your drama again anytime'.
His popularity is rising higher now.
It is not easy to be acknowledge for your talent.
There are many who are less talented but well recognized in Malaysia.
My favourite actress is Wan Maimunah.
That lady I tell you, when she acts, no word was even said but I will watch her lips quiver, tremble in sadness mirroring her shattered heart and all my tears flow down.
I will cry a bucket.
I understood what she felt at that moment and my heart breaks for her too.
What a talent.
I wish I have a talent that superb.

I have always been a fan of guitar.
I can't play though, sadly.
My husband can and I find that very charming and sexy.
As much as find him fresh after shower with a tint of frangrance.
Hmmmm sexy.
Anyway, don't go sniffing my husband okay.
So, I thought that he would instruct me on how to play a guitar right after we got married.
He refused then and yesterday.
Yesterday, I demanded to know the reason.

'Well, you are music blind honey. You don't have talent'.

That is not a nice thing to say to your wife.

So I simply relplied,'Come on, I studied even harder things, what makes you think I can't master a guitar? If I practice often enough, I might be better than you are'.

That is the spirit!!
Well he is still not teaching me.
I see his point because I have no talent in music or art.
Isabella is her daddy's biggest fan.
She follows daddy and his guitar everywhere.
She dropped everything and sit in front of daddy whenever he plays and sing.
Seeing my husband singing with a guitar in his arms and my baby in front of him,well that sexy picture beats everything else.
His has a good voice too.
Now that is my happy family dear friends.
Enough rambling.
You know I can't stop once started.
Take care people:)

See what I mean?? My sexy man:)


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