Day 3-We are admitted..

Good morning dearies,
I am blogging in. a building, on a white-linen-bed with a drip stand net to me.
Yup you guessed it right.
Isabella was admitted.
I told you guys that I would wait for day 2 of antibiotic before realliy feeling alarmed.
I was getting more worried the whole time with her high fever which never goes down.
Since she has no coughing or runny nose, my guessed was dengue fever.
Influenza would come with runny nose atleast.
She didn't respond to antibiotic.
She doesn't look spetic but lethargic.
By 2 p.m. she was active and happy again.
Her appetite came back.
We waited until 6 p.m. still no more fever.
We were ao happy because the plan was if she has one more spike of temperature, that means it is not an ordinary fever, so she needs an investigation.
Since she was fine, we took her for a short walk around the neighbourhood in the evening.
We called her future auntie-babysitter and went for raya visit at her place which was a couple of block away from our house.
By 10 p.m. I felt the rising temperature.
We went home.
And off we went to Gleneagles KL.
I know it is far but I got a good review on the ward and service here and the most important thing is the peadiatrician.
So tada!! here we are in GKL admitted all together.
Rapid test for influenza came back negative lastnight.
Then dengue NS-1 and serology also negative.
What is she having??
This morning at 8 a.m. doctor Patrick Chang came to visit her.
He is a very meticulous, gentle doctor.
I had a bad experience with a private orthopedic before.
Didn't do proper examination at all.
So Dr Chang showed me her blood test.
Hmm Total white of 6, no predominant of neutrophils, CRP of 5.
urFeme normal.
This is how they do it. They sticked a urine bag on Isabella's woowoo and wrapped her in this.
No plastic bag.
She was sleeping when the nurse wanted to do this.
She asked me if I want to let Isabella wakes up first or just disturb her sleep.
How thoughtful.
But well priority is for her to get better so I told her that she can do it now.

Dr Chang discussed his concern and thoughts with me.
I really appreciate that since it is how I gave differential diagnose to Isabella.
We thought of Kawasaki but her tongue wasn't that red, her eyes aren't red either.
Lymph nodes were not enlarged.
He is thinking of Roseola where you have several days of high fever before rashes come out or ear infection since Isabella's left ear was slightly red.
He is also checking for urine pneumococcal.
Despite the normal blood test, he agreed on how significant her fever was. During the admission, her temperature was ranging between 39.4-39.8.
Still sleeping on mommy's lap.
Now, mommy is having an emergency off day.
The rest that she needs.

Yup that is Isabella's daddy.
He doesn't like cold so the that is what happened when he sleeps in a cold room.

Everyone please pray that Isabella is well again.
And no funny funny disease.
How I wish this is just a nak-tumbuh-gigi-kind of fever and nak-membesar-kind of fever.
But as a science person I don't believe in that.
But let me soothe myself with these pleasant notions.
Have a greater day than mine peeps.
I wish you all well:)


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