Isabella's update

Good morning dearies.
Just a quick update regarding Isabella's condition..
She is still having high fever (facepalm and cry inside).
It has never been like this.
My baby very rarely has fever and even more rare to get high fever.
I have started her on antibiotic yesterday and regular paracetamol.
Everytime the drug wears off, her fever developped again.
Even with paracetamol, her temperature decreased slightly but fever persist.
Today is her second day of antibiotic.
Antibiotic takes time to be effective but the way her fever persist is different from usual.
She has no symptoms of flu at all.
No rash no nothing.
Just fever upto 39.
I am just fearing that she might have dengue fever.
She is so cranky and weak.
Sobs sobs.
I am sure the mothers know how it breaks my heart seeing my baby cannot sleep at night.
She has bodyaches.
She was restless.
At night, I placed her on my chest and she dozed off.
Her eyes barely stayed open long, that was how tired and sleepy she was but she kept changing position.
I am giving her chance until this afternoon.
If her fever is still high, I will take her to a peadiatrician for further test.
Anyone wants to recommend me their best peadiatrician in a private hospital??
I just hope that it doesn't come to admission.
Needles and drips..
My poor baby.
And owh she vomited her breakfast today:(
Just the day before she was busy tidying up the clinic.
Get well soon baby.


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