High fever

Good morning everyone.
It is Wednesday.
Half of the weekdays have gone.
Still manage to keep the positivity.
My throat has worsened and I am on antibiotic and panadol.
Still working and kicking.
Bad news is last night Isabella got the bug.
She has high fever!!
My baby is not well:(
Sobs sobs.

It was 3 a.m. when she cried.
I had a feeling during the day already but her temperature was fine at that time.
Lastnight she just proved mommy's instinct was correct.
No runny nose or cough.
I think she has sorethroat like me.

I immediately woke up when she cried.
Breastfed her.
While breastfeeding, I felt her hot body.
I knew, she was having fever.
Let her quench her thirst, then I got up and reach for paracetamol.
Her body wasn't cooling fast enough.
My husband woke up with a startle when I said, 'baby has high fever'.
He placed a wet cloth on her head.
She was cranky.
We didn't get enough sleep lastnight.
She cooled down at 6 a.m. but by 8 a.m. the temperature spiked again.
I spongebath her and gave paracetamol again.
She drank more when breastmilk when she is not well.
After dressed, she was active again.

Everytime Isabella is not well, you can see that my husband is really upset by looking at his face.
I am very quiet and calm and all serious-business-like.
I'll force the bitter medication into her mouth.
Ignored all the cries.
While my husband would cringe and just didn't have the heart to be close to his baby hearing her sad cry.
I am sad inside but tough outside.
Someone has to be emotionally unaffected so that my baby is well again.
Maybe to my husband, I treat Isabella just like any other babies, calm, rational and emotionally unaffected but the truth is when my baby is sick, I feel sad and sorry for her pain.
If I can take away even the smallest pain that she has, I would.
But this is life.
Every pain comes with strength.
Every small infection test your immunity, make your body invincible.
So, eventhough I hate seeing her sick, I have to accept it because she has to fight this battle and win it.
Eventhough I am a doctor, I rarely give her medication.
Only when she really has a temperature spike not when her body feels warm.
Mommy will keep a close monitoring on her.
No cough mixture or runny nose medication.
I see parents these days feed their children with unnecessary medications too soon and too often.
Example, when they don't check the temperature and just feel with the palm, they decided it is warm and the child has fever.
So they feed paracetamol.
When I check the temperature,the child was fine, active.
There is no need for drug entering the body.
Every drug has a side effect.
So why subject the little ones to unnecessary drugs??
Think about it and be more cautious with medicine.
(p/s: If a doctor gives less medicine, she or he is a bad doctor. Hmm this is the new public perception to doctors. Trust that we know a thing of two about health and medicine will ya?)


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