Bad dream go away

Good morning to all of you good people.
Isabella is better now.
She still have fever on and off but according to her peadiatrician Dr Patrick Chang, that she doesn't look critical now.
Not irritable.
He ruled out meningitis, pneumococcal and all those terrible infectious disease.
Now it is the wait and see.
If she has rashes, then it means roseola or measles.
If the rashes don't come out, it is Acute otitis media (ear infection).
So, in this period of wait and see, I requested to be discharged and to just monitor at home.
We will come for follow up in his clinic if anything arises.
The doctor let me pull the stunt because I am a doctor myself and he trusted that I can monitor if anything coes up.
He still gave me few advices to be aware of.
I tell you that this pead is so gentle and kind.
I love this doctor.
So humble and we he speaks it just so pleasant.
You know how some doctors do sound arrogant.
Or maybe it was the specialist that I wrongly picked previously in private practice.
No it is not that doctors are bad but you know when people are in higher places they do have sense of self inportance and that reek through the speech and the way they carry themselves.
Not all but sone.
I have seen and worked with so many kind specialist, gentle to the patients and they inspired me to be a better human.
They are out there and thank god Isabella got a good one.
So if you go to Gleneagles KL looking for peads, look for Dr Patrick Chang.
I can't believe he didn't charge me consultation fee just because I am a doctor.
After all, I consulted him twice in a day because I needed his consult.
Too kind to another smaller doctor.
And one thing that I have realized is the importance of vaccine.
I will vaccinate Isabella for pneumococcal and influenza now.
I haven't yet due to sigh busy schedule.
I have to make time now because I don't want her to get those deadly funny disease.
Do you know that in private practice, there is a vaccine for influenza included in the 3 month's old vaccine what you guys called 3 serangkai.
The name is Hexaxim.
When you bring your baby for her 3 month and 6 months' vaccine she can get an extra protection from influenza virus.
I vaccinated Isabella at the governmental clinic so she didn't get this.

Do know pneumococcal is not in the national vaccine schedule but there are specialist who fight for this vaccine to be included due to the complication.
Bad news guys to get this.
It sounded like I am kind of paranoid right??
I had a dream the night before.
That you know something happened to Isabella I rather not say it loud.
I was so heartbroken.
I remember my feelings in the dream so well.
I felt like dead inside.
My body was alive but I was dead.
I didn't want to live anymore.
There is nothing else in the world worth living.
I missed her so much.
It was so real and so heart wrecking.
I suddenly woke up.
There she was snuggling in my armpit hahahaha.
Alhamdulillah it was just a dream.
I prayed to Allah for reminding me how fragile everything is and nothing last forever.
To give me chance to be a better mother and wife.


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