Kids get together..

I had a great time last night with my girls and their husbands.
Of course the husbands work to our advantages, which means taking care of our babies.
We need them.
It was a bbq potluck.
Everyone marinade something and brought in together.
Ladies were in the kitchen while the men do men things, barbequeing and chilling outside.
It was at night, the air was cool, no mosquite.
The guys chatted in the silence of the night.
Ladies chatted with guffaw of laughters.
Babies ran all over the big spacious house.
It felt like a chaotic nursery with only 4 babies.
It was so much fun.
To be able to get together and talk.
It feels almost like old times but not quite the same.
Well, I was chasing Haya and Isabella.
 Little Fayyad was big enough and went to hang out with the big boys.
Little Rania is the eldest amongst them and she carries herself really well.

The babies had a private confidential meeting.
And the decided for..

Fayyad to swim in the middle of the night with no pool.

There was so much to eat.
Everything tasted good, cooked with love.
I wish we can do this more often.
That was the night when we shared great stories with great news:)
So happy for my friend.

When we reached home, Isabella fell asleep like this.
She must be exhausted from too much playing with her friends hehehehe.

Alhamdulillah for having great friends.
Thank you darling Shazreeyana for inviting us over.


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