No baby

As I lay down on my bed, childless, I wonder what Isabella is doing.
Yes you guess it.
Isabella has gone out.
The kakak who takes care of her called and wanted to take Isabella to her mother's house in Bangsar.
They will be back later at night.
Isabella has never gone anywhere without us.
Anyway, hubby assured me that she will be fine.
I wasn't worried you know.
It is just that I will miss her??
Hmm okay I don't know how I feel.
We had a wonderful morning today at the park.

We took her out so that she can enjoy the fresh morning air while pushing her stroller.

And now here we are engrossed with out tech without Miss Mischief.

We are so lucky to have someone to love Isabella and taking care of her way better than us.
Isabella was so excited when she saw her aunty in front of her house coming to get her just now.
She left us without saying goodbye.


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