Bimbo doctor..

Attended an emergency case just now.
Patient collapse on the floor.

Can you imagine attending an emergency with wedges this high??
I was in the doctor's room when a security guard entered my room to inform somebody can't breath and collapsed.
So I walked out to see a girl lying on the floor with guys surrounding her head.
All the other patients ran away as the lady shouted hysterically.
She was drowsy and incoherent.

I shouted at the nurse,'Get my stetoscope from the room'.
'Everyone give way!! You and you give way to me. Let her breath'.
Those foodcourts workers were suffocating her.
My hands were pointing everywhere.
It wasn't a request but command.
Very strict and loud.

I made my way strutting prettily.
(I can't believe I strutted)
No running.
Ordered everyone to get away.
Examined her.
Ordered people to carry her inside.
She was such a difficult lady.
Pushing me as I auscultate her lungs.
'Bring her inside' I gestured.
Strutted towards my room.
Blood pressure unreadable.
systolic 50-60.
Is this manual BP thing even correct??(of course they are)
Cold clammy hands.
Pulse non palpable.

'What did she take? Did she take any kind of drugs? Does she have any disease?'

The girl was shouting 'sakit kepala' (headache)

'Nurse prepare intravenous line, get Hartman infusion and Voltaren 75mg stat'.

'Get her to the bed!! Fast!!'

Few men had to carry the plump lady. She was conscious but drowsy.
She was shouting and resisting me.

I told her to selawat and say syahadah instead of shouting.

'Called ambulance now'.

So bla bla bla, I managed to bring her blood pressure up again.

That was not the point, my point was I realized how bossy I was just now.
Hey get her! Nurse bring me this... you bring that.
Okay everyone fast. This is an emergency.

The nurse mentioned how calm I was during an emergency.
A patient told me later,' You were so brave doctor. So young but brave. So calm'.

I answered,' I was brave because I know what to do'.

The truth is handling an emergency is not about being brave but  to be sure of yourself and know what to do.
So yea GP has emergency cases too like anaphylactic shock, status asthmaticus and collapse.
The staff commented how calm I was everytime that their old doctors were always panicking.
The truth was, I looked calm and sure but of course I had my adrenaline rush.
I was scared too.
You can't predict every outcome.
I was alone.
Previously I would have colleague to help me, specialist to consult, better equipments Thank God.
Now I don't have much but I have to make do.
It is scary.

My heart beats faster, my hands shake from adrenaline rush and I will be bossing everyone around.
Everything need to be done fast.
Drip is up.
Infused fast.
Check pulse rate 53bpm, Bp 100/60 mmHg.
Better than before.
So I waited calmly.

Paramedics came and took her away.
I sit and relax now.
Only I know what I felt.

Now we talked about what happened.
And I briefed them on how to be prepared next time.
My radiographer came to me during that emergency case asking me to sign an MC.
But yea they need training and guidance.
No big deal.

They said,'doctor, tengah kecemasan pun maintain cun'.

Not on purpose please.
I guess I was kind of a bimbo just now.


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