Happy Birthday To Me.. And yes I can cook Thank you..

We had a small gathering yesterday.
Just my husband's family.
They have been wanting to visit us but due to my tight schedule it is difficult to squeeze in the time.
Believe it or not, I have never cooked for my mother in law anything.
Those several times helping her fried chicken and all don't count of course.

Idiot menantu (daughter in law).
But that is me.
I am not a fan of cooking although I am kind of good at it.
I mean if you ask me I would say I am great at it.
Those who tried my cooking usually compliment too but it could be that they are just lying.
So anyway, I know the whole family including mine think that I can't cook because they have never seen me cook or even taste anything created by me.
But my husband always tell them that 'she can cook really well' with a surprise-face-why-do-guys-think-my-wife-can't-cook.
Because I cook for him almost okay not daily about 2-3 times in a week depending on my schedule.
I told him that if I am not married, I will be making pizza and roasting chicken instead of cooking Malay dishes.
Malay dishes are bothersome with 'tumis' and wait and waiting for the oil from chillies to appear on the surface.
Roasting chicken and grilling is so cool that you marinate and put in the oven,walla!

I have studied in oversea for years, so I developped my cooking skill overthere.
It is called forced to be independent.

When I was pregnant,my beautiful hearted mother in law said to me 'When will you cook for me.?I really want to taste your cooking.Teringin sangat mak'.

I was like hehehehe 'okay mak, after I give birth can aaa?'

So yea I gave birth and Isabella is almost 1 year old, I thought it is passed due date already.
I cleared my schedule yesterday and told hubby that I will make some makan-makan for just your family.
They didn't know the menu.
I spent 2 hours making nasi ayam, cream mushroom soup, bread pudding and roasted my special chicken.
The house was ready.
I was so exhausted as I was working the whole week until Saturday from morning till 11 at night and had to wake up early to cook and clean the house.
Hubby was an angel as he helped me mop the floor and take care of Isabella.
We were excited for them to come especially the to see the nephews and nieces.
They came and saw the cake and cupcakes.
My sister in law thought they were going to eat only that.
I couldn't hold my laughter seeing her surprise face when I told her there is nasi ayam outside.
'You can't think that I will serve you fruits and desserts only?'
And we both laughed.
Everybody thought that I took catering food.
Bless them!

But the most pleasure I took for me yesterday was when my proud mother in law whispered to me in the kitchen how I cooked very well even better than others she thought could make good nasi ayam.
She was proud.
And to me that is a memory I will keep.
It is worth it to almost break my arms running in the house the whole morning to cook and clean and breastfeed when I saw her smile.
As for everyone, they kept refilling the rice and eating everything until it was all empty.

Recipe was shared.
It was my mother's special recipe.
It is cooked differently so I understand their reaction because my mama's nasi ayam is my favourite too.
Too eat not to cook.
I usually called her 'mama adik teringin nasi ayam mama' and walla the next day I will get a call 'adik nai ayam dah siap. Datangla'.
Blessed her loving nature.

Hubby bought this from wondermilk.
We made a 'santai space' for everyone.
It gave me pleasure seeing them rolled overhere.

Butter cake from Nurul Shari.
Delicious beyond words.
Omg!! my husband who doesn't like sweet food complimented.
Everyone licked the fingers at night.
There goes the diet.

My cream mushroom soup. It is thick because of the creme. I didn't use milk.
You can check the recipe at www.allrecipe.com.
I learned most of my western dishes from them and Italian too.
Reliable recipes.
No bad recipes at all.
I have more than 10 years experiences as a guarantee.
This website was my go to during my student days.
To make a spagetthi bolognese a halal one.

It tasted good. Okay western food is my forte by the way.

By the way I have new nickname, it is Effa Nasi Ayam.
Crappy name it was.

Had to put this up hahaha.

Family wishing me their love.
Super sweet.

All my in laws.

See I told you they will start rolling.

A lot of laughter and tears of joy.
The tears were from Isabella as she was haunted by the very loud laughter.
Maybe she thought somebody scolded her.

They went home at night eventhough I begged them to sleep over.
Couldn't get enough of them.
They planned for a summer camp at our backyard.
We have set the date and we will do camping with barbeque.
They have so many ideas.
To a lonely child like me who grew up alone, this family is fascinating and what I have been missing throughout all my life- a crazy life with too many sibblings.

So we'll see them again soon.
And you know what, when I was sleeping, my husband kissed me.
I guess it was a thank you.


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