Just joking

Let me tell you how good I am as a wife.
Some men like to buy flowers to their lady love but not my man.
As far as I could remember , there was one time he bought a rose as a surprise for me.
I came home from work at night, 10 p.m. to be exact and there he was standing outside the guard house waiting for me.
That was one of the most memorable memory ever and I will cherish it forever.
That is because that was the first and the last time.

I love flowers and my favourites are roses, gerberra, hydrangeas, lily and many more.
To my husband, buying flowers is a waste of money since they will decay.
He would buy things as gifts or cupcakes you know food that I like.
I love those things too but I still adore flowers.

When I was heavily pregnant, I told him that I wanted a big bouquet of roses right after I deliver.
I gave birth at 4.30 a.m. and he was yet driving to the hospital.
He missed the process.
Thank God.
He would faint with all that blood.
Anyway, I didn't get my flowers not then, not the day after.
Kind of bumped but I came to term with it.

So I planted my own roses.
Now I have so many roses in my front garden.
They are so beautiful.
Every morning, I wake up and say hye to them.
Crazy lady talking to roses.

I will not cut them ever.
They are not difficult to grow.
The plants grew so tall and beautifully.

It gives me a sense of pride looking at them.
You know, because it shows how my hands can create life hahahhahaa.

This is way better than a bouquet of roses which will die in a few days.
These ladies last for weeks and will always be replaced.
Maybe I will give my husband a stem of rose from my garden in return.


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