Tonight I came back to an empty home.
Pak ngah on my husband's side has just passed away 2 days ago. Thus, my husband and I went back to his 'kampung' for funeral and 'tahlil'.
However, today I have to return back to Putrajaya for work and left baby and hubby in 'kampung'.
Good thing that his hometown is only 40-45 minutes away from Putrajaya.

No more off day for me now since I will be on a very long holiday soon.

They were supposed to come back tonight but I told him to just stay one more day overthere. Since I will be working tomorrow, there is no point for him to come back so soon.
I was being a thoughtful wife.
He was surprised but I convinced him that I would be fine.
By the time I finished work, I wasn't fine.
I really miss my baby.
Regret my decision. Lol. 
Maybe I should just go.
It was 11 at night and I am very sleepy.
It won't be safe to drive through those snake road in the middle of the forest.

I am used to my husband going away.
It was unbearable at first but then I learned to adapt.
After having Isabella, all my loneliness and sadness when left alone were gone.
However, I have never been away from my baby even for a night.
Lol. I can't imagine doing call in hospital and leaving my baby at home.
Lucky I left hospital life. Best thing ever!!!

Huhuhu missing my baby.
Can't wait to see her tomorrow night:)


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