Today one year ago as I was in labour

It was today being last year.. I remember it all being so fresh playing on my mind.
It was 3 a.m. when I was awaken by a weird kind of pain in my womb.
It went away as fast as it came.
I dozed back to sleep thinking it was just a feeling or in medical tear, Braxton Hicks ( false labour contractions).
That night, my sleep was interrupted several times because of contractions.
I wonder if I should wake him up.
Should I be worried?
Am I in labour??
He was snoring so soundly next to me.
It was raining cats and dogs.
I decided to hold on.
Finally, it was dawn.
Hubby just came out from the shower and I opened my eyes.
'Syg, are you going for Aidiladha's prayer?' I asked.
'Yes',he answered.
I kept quiet thinking and calculating my period of labour.
Decided that we still have some time.

'Are you okay? Are you having labour pain?'he started panicking as he looked at my pain-stricken face.
'I am having contractions every hour but I think it is not that strong. I am expecting stronger pain soon',I told him.

As I thought, he became more anxious.
Started calling my mother in law in the kitchen and she became even more panick than he was.
She urged me to get a check up.
I gently explained that I think I still have some time and only want to go to the hospital when I am in so much pain.
I don't want to stay overthere for so long. It is boring.
They finally nodded helplessly knowing how stubborn I can get.

As I enjoyed my Aidiladha's celebration and food my mother in law couldn't eat a thing.
Fearing that her daughter in law will give birth at home.
I enjoyed the food so much as everyone kept panicking everytime the contractions came.
Sister in laws started exchanging their labour stories and they were so much fun.
Finally it was 9 at night and I need to get admitted.
I knew that the time was so near.
I dropped by at my mom's place because I have promised her that I will eat her soup.
She makes the best beef soup ever.
However, I was in so much pain that I couldn't eat at all.
I forced myself as much as I could and as fast I could.
Got up and said to husband,' Jom syg. I think it is time'.

We went to get ourselves checked into Hospital Putrajaya.
Contractions were so bad and my opening was only 2 cm.
After all that pain????
I could ask to stay at home and come again later but I knew that I will give birth soon.
I got myself admitted.
My husband helped me change my clothes in between contractions.
So painful!!!!!
And then he left.
He can only come in when I enter labour room.
So I told him to go home.
It was 2 a.m. and hubby called me from home.
He asked how I was doing and I told him that I was in pain and I couldn't talk.
The nurse gave me IM Pethidine.
It helped me sleep.
By that I meant sleep in between the contractions.
The pain became worse!!
My in laws stories still have not prepared me for this kind of pain.
I remember when I tossed on the bed and talked to God ,'It is so painful... Why does it have to be this painful?? Lucky those people who went for surrogates. Giulliana Rancic is so lucky'.

Then I thought,'Crap. That is a no way to talk to your God for help. Okay God I am not complaining at all. I know this is a sacrifice every mother has to go through but just help me out a little. Make this settle quickly'.

My contractions were big and strong.
When my nurse came to check on me at 4 a.m. she timed my contractions after seeing how much I tossed.
She asked,'Are you in so much pain, doctor?'
'Too much and too soon,' I answered.

After she timed my contractions, she informed that the contractions showed that I am in labour.
She rushed to call a doctor.
A doctor came and checked my opening.
Nurse made a guess,' 5 cm ni'.
And hell she was so accurate.
I was 5 cm ready and they broke my amniotic sac.
As the fluid came out like river flow, it hurt so bad.
The pain was even worse than before,
'I want to vomit!!!!!!!'
No time to hand me a bin and I vomitted next to my bed.
All the soup and beef came out.
Nurse gave me ravin enema to clear my bowel.
I went to the toilet to clean myself and change.
Stretcher came and I hopped on it.
Called my husband and he didn't pick up.
He just doze off after reading Yassin for me and pray.
After the third dial he answered,' Syg come soon', I said.

I was in so much pain that I could think and I didn't have energy to talk.
As they pushed me through the lift I said,'Nurse, I feel like pushing already and it is so big. Why???'

They shouted cross your legs!!!
I did and thank God the urge went away.
Weird thing because I was just 5 cm and I shouldn't feeling like pushing now.
It came again and we just arrived to the labour room.
I said,'I want to push again!!!' ( my voice croaked from the sound of someone trying to hold defecation off).

The midwives asked,' How much the opening?'

When she heard 5 cm, she nodded and checked me again after I transferred to the labour room bed.
Changed clothes.
Drip was up.
And she said,' She is fully opened. Doctor get ready to push'.

Crap my husband wasn't here yet.
I took a big deep breath and as they assisted me, I pushed long and hard.
After the 3 pushes Isabella came out.
What a relief!!
Little did I know how much my life would change.
And it has to the better..... and to more exhaustion but good exhaustion hehehe.


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