A moment of joy

When your baby take two steps independently, you just shouted in joy, calling your partner for he shouldn't miss this precious moment.
You were convinced that your baby might walk anytime soon.
So you waited
and waited.
A day passed by and two days..
You wonder when will she ever walk to you to hold your hands.
How will that moment make you feel?

But she didn't seem to be interested in walking or atleast you call it practising.
The wait turned to a despair.
You thought, never mind she will walk when she is ready.

One day, you came back from work.
As always rushing to get to her babysitter.
To see your precious little girl.
There she was engrossed with her toys on the carpet.
'Hye baby sayang'

She looked up, spotted you and there it was, a sincere one tooth visible grin.

'Hye darling. Mommy misses you so much'.

Suddenly, she stood up, staggered towards you.
She seemed to be off balance but miraculously, she didn't fall, not at all.
With careful steps, her hands waving in the air for balance, she walked towards you.
Finally, she caught up with you and almost jumped into your arms.
Exhaled loudly as if she has completed an ordeal.

She grabbed your one hand and held it tight in hers.
Maybe for balance or perhaps for love.
She laughed as pure joy laughter emitted from you.
She understood your bliss.
She understood your happiness.
She was proud of herself as you clap your hands as you have always do whenever she a complished somethings and pulled her tight in your arms.

At that moment, her achievement has easily outshined everything else in your life.
This, what you feel, at this moment, it will last forever with you.
It is a moment to be remembered.

Grateful?Yes, deeply beyond words.
Happy?More than I could ever imagined.

Was it the fact that my 1 year old 5 days baby can walk or that she walked to me to share her love.
Perhaps it was because I saw it before my husband.

Remember I just told you guys that she didn't follow my schedule in my recent post??
She does now.

I tell you, being a mother is a status and a job I love most.
And nothing else ever matter:)

How lucky are we mothers?

Old picture of Isabella at 9 months old.

Newborn Isabella

As she learned to turned over and crawl.

Her joy in the park. Reaching the sun.

As she stepped with support helping mommy with housechores.

How she explore her inner music passion.

And found herself to be mommy's little girl after all.


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