Breastfeeding is a way to telepathy

It is past midnight and I have just finished watching a Korean drama The Woman Who Married Thrice.
This is my favourite currently.
It have set it on record and will watch new episode at night.
It is playing on Astro One HD channedl everyday.
It is a story about a mother who was torchered by her mother in law to the extend that she and her husband have a divorce.
The thing was, they have a child, a girl and she had to leave her little girl with the ex-husband.
Imagine how much she missed her little girl?
I always cried when she started missing her child.
I could empathize in her situation.
Being a mother myself, I can never be separated from my own child.
Poor her.
I usually would start hugging and kissing Isabella who was busy climbing on my lap and shoving her finger into my mouth, during this scene.
'Baby, mommy will never leave you okay? I promise'.

And Isabella shove her finger into my nostril.
I screamed, surprised, which made her laugh.
What sort of dirty joke was she upto??
Talk about teaching your girl to be ladylike.

Anyway, I was breastfeeding Isabella while watching this drama.
She was sleepy, eyes closed but still drinking milk.

A scene came when Seul gi, the little girl was beaten by her stepmother.
Her grandmother had forced her father to marry her own choice of girl right after the divorce.
However, this stepmother was such a pain in the ass that it created drama.
I really hate her especially how she would pretend to treat Seul gi lovingly when she actually was so nasty, mean and violence towards that girl.
Gosh, I hate that woman.
It is such a torcher when I can see every evil things that she does but nobody else in the house knows except Seul gi.

Anyway, she was beating Seul gi on the floor as Seul gi cried.
Seul gi was just 8 years old.
How could you hit a little girl??
It was so heartbreaking that I just felt it.
The maid came in and saw the beating.
She started shielding Seul gi with her own body.
My tears ran down so fast but I cried in silence.
Suddenly, Isabella who was sleeping but still sucking on my lap cried loudly.
She started writhing and cried unconsolably.
She started acting strange as if something was wrong with her.
She doesn't cry that often so when she does this, she usually was in pain like the time when she had an insect bite on eyelids at night.
It seemed like she was in pain.
I got panic.
So I held her close in my arms.
Her head on my chest and rocked her.
I controlled my emotion which was deeply affected by the drama and stopped crying.
Suddenly Isabella stopped crying.
Right after I me.

Wow, emotion can pass through milk ehh??
I guess I believe it can.
That is call bonding and telepathy.
A fetus is believed to feel her mother's emotions and surrounding.
A baby and a child can sense a person's pleasure or sadness as well.
Some people believe that a child knows when an adult doesn't like her so she would pull away.

Lesson learnt.
Don't cry while breastfeeding.


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