Which stroller to take to Europe??

Hello guys!!
I am so happy today.
Finally it is Wednesday.
It is a almost chilling kind of day.
I have some time in the morning to spend with my family in the garden.
The last 2 weeks have been so packed.
But that is the price you have to pay for taking a long vacation soon.

Today, we are just chilling in the backyard.

I have just received a stroller bag from Amazon.com.
It came all theway from the US but took only 5 days. So fast right?
The last few weeks have been all about researching and planning.
When you are taking a baby for a holiday, the research will be all about her.
Where to get her food?
Baby friendly restaurant, which stroller to take for travelling,airlines stroller policy, reviews from other travellers with infants and how to go about in Europe with your infant.

So for a month, I have been reading about stroller.
For travelling most parents aim for lightweighg stroller such as Maclaren Globetrotter, Maclaren Triump, MacLaren Volo.
These strollers only weight from 4kg to 5kg like that.
Some parents prefer Bumbleride flite or Halford.
For lightweight, it is easier to carry the stroller, for storage and to fit a bus.

What I found out is that if you are taking a stroller, use the public bus instead of underground train.
Firstly, because you don't have to go down the stairs at the metro station.
You only have to just wait at the bus station and get a ride on.
Secondly, the public busses are very stroller friendly.
Use the backdoor which is designated for stroller or wheelchair and you don't have to fold the stroller at all.
Just push it in.
A special spot for stroller is provided on the bus.
Just don't use the bus during peak hours.
Easy! What you need is planning.

Finally, after browsing all the strollers one thing that still held me from clicking buy button for Maclaren.
It was the rise subject on how Paris being stroller unfriendly road.
It means they have uneven street and streets with cobblestones.

As much as I remembered in previous travelling to Europe, yes the streets were not friendly even to high heels.
London and Geneva won't be a problem.

Your heels might get stuck in between the cobblestones and topple you over.
That means, Isabella won't feel comfortable on a normal suspension stroller.
My friend who just came back from Europe and she took Quinny Yezz.
It is a very lightweight stroller which can be folded into umbrella, really small.

She told me that the road was bad for the tyers, very bumpy and spoiling the stroller.
She added bigger tyre is the better.
Thanks to her, I started reading about parents who take big tyres/excellent suspension stroller for travelling.
And I saw this..

Schawal took Lara to Perth and look how big the tyer.

I have Britax Agile which is famous for its easy maneuver, one hand handling, excellent suspension, stable but still lightweight, and one hand fold.
Eventhough it is not as ligtweight as MacLaren of 5.5kg and above ranging on its type, but that is because Britax is not that simple made.
For 8kg stroller, it is still very easy to fold and can be carried with one hand.
Though I don't plan to carry it around so I think it will be fine.

When I was checking Maclaren in the shop, I thought the folding was more steps than my Britax.
Just press a button on the side of the stroller and pull.
It is a company started in Britain many years ago.
In case I want to fold it before getting into a bus, it is just a button away. Within 2 seconds, we will be done.
So easy.
And see how that lady carry it while holding her child.
That was the reason I bought this stroller in the first place.
So yeah climb the bus with a stroller.

Not every places suitable to push a stroller in Barcelona and Paris.
There will be stairs or small road.
That is why I will bring my Ergobaby along.
Just to give us choices.
Having a stroller will be handy though for Isabella to rest, sleep and chill in the garden.
She likes to sit on her stroller and observe.

Now, every airline has a policy for baby stroller.
It is an extra that doesn't have to be included in your bagagge limit.
You can either check in at the counter or gate check in.
Gate check in means, you can use the stroller until before you board the plane.
Fold the stroller and pass to the officer.
It will be stored for you.
The thing is if you love your stroller, bag it for protection from dirt and poor handling.
Many have mentioned in the amazon reviews how their strollers were no longer the same.
So bag it!!
It is so difficult to get stroller accessories in Malaysia so I imported it from the USA.
There is Britax bag which looks super comfy but as you know everything from Britax is just so expensive.
So after searching, I found this Prince Lionheart stroller bag.
Many have used it to find it reliable.
It has a handle for you to carry.
The price was 17 USD.

Received it yesterday and tried it on our Britax.
It fit!!

Now, what else don't I have?? I guess we are set to go next week.
After today, my schedule is no longer pack.
I will have more time at home.
Today is my last busy day!!
Happiness overload.
Have a good day friends:)


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