The stupidest thing ever, happened to me just now.
Seriously, of all the stupidest thing that have ever happened to me, this one top them all.

How could I go from this to..

It boggles my mind.

It was almost time for my evening break to be over.
I went to visit my parents who lived nearby at 7 p.m.
By the time it was almost 7.45 p.m. I rushed back to the clinic because I wanted to perform Maghrib prayer before starting work.
Patient usually start lining up at 8.
I reached infront of the clinic.
Pushed the glass door.
Tried pushing again.
I can't believe these kids went out and locked the door.
They were not supposed to leave the clinic during break time.
I wanted to pee.
Never mind, I'll just pee and pray in Alamanda.
So, I headed inside the mall.
Entered the toilet.
This toilet has a bidet.
I didn't want to sit on the bowl as it didn't look clean and I wanted to pray right after this.
So I squat on the floor and my skin didn't touch the ceramic at all.
To clean myself, I turned on the bidet (the water flow in the toilet bowl itself).
It didn't reach me because I wasn't sitting on the bowl.
So I turned the bidet to bigger and bigger flow.
Finally.. as I thought that the water was at the appropriate height to clean myself, it started filling into my underpant like a pool.
The damaged was too much as water started soaking my brown pant.
I turned the knob to close quickly.
And took off my pant.
It was soaked so badly.
I was too late.
There is no way I could walk out in the mall like this.
I would be a laughingstock.
Now in the movie, Hitch the fat guy actually took off his pant and dried it at the hand drier.
But I can't go out with just my top and underwear right?
What should I do??
Hiding seemed the best option.
I took a pile of tissue and started wiping the pant.
It didn't work.
I called the clinic and thank God those young nurses have returned.
They laughed so loudly at the phone as I urged them to come and pick me from the toilet.
She came and brought her sweater.
So I tied it around my waist to cover my soaked wet and cold butt.
To cover my soaked front, I walked behind her so closely.

I was greeted with laughter as I arrived the front door.
It was hilarious.
You could see clearly how wet my pant was.
The nurse tried to comfort me by saying 'it was raining doctor. So it is normal to get wet'.

I replied,'Yes, but I should get wet from my feet to calves maybe, not from my middle to bottom.
I just looked like someone who pee in her pant.

Poor girl couldn't control her urges.
OKU kot.

I could never have thought that the silly impractical joke that I watched in the movie would actually happened to me.
But it did.
And yeah I continued working in a wet pant and underpant and still managed to perform Maghrib.

Professional right?? Hahaha even in the cold.LOL


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