Isabella sees and conquers..

I was working when my husband asked me why did I leave my Ipad behind.
I told him that it was charging.
He replied 'Thank you. It is more satisfying to play Clash of clan on Ipad.
I forbidded him but I wasn't there so I know he played.
After 5 minutes he texted me,'Pointless. I can't play with your Ipad. Somebody took it away from me'.

This is the person.

 No she doesn't get to use my Ipad.
And no I don't let her get use to it.
But boy she loves that thing so much that I have to sneak away to check my social media when she is around.
The best time is, to wait for her to sleep.
That is why I sleep very late at night.
I call that 'Mommy's own time'.


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