My phobia and hate

I had the biggest scare of my life lastnight.
It was 11 p.m. and I went into the kitchen alone.
Reached a switch to on the light in my wet kitchen.
Suddenly a creature ran across the floor.
I shouted!!!!!!
Jumped my way out of the kitchen, into the dining room and onto to the stairs.
My husband ran down with Isabella in her arms.
'What happened?' curious with my anguish scream.
'I saw a rat!!!!!' (cried tearless)
'I am so going to sterilize our kitchen when I have the time. From now on, place all the food package inside the drawer and cabinet. Everything has to be closed and wash everything before you use again. I will wash all the utensils again. I am so scared of rat. The little trouble maker'l

I acted as if my whole family was in danger.
Of course to me they are.
They are bad!!

This is the first time we encountered such creature.
Husband said that it would have entered through the big pipe hole in the kitchen which connected loosely to the washing machine outlet drain.

He knew how terrified I was.
I was pale.
After all he remembered the stories when I was a little girl, staying alone in the house at night and I used to sit on the sofa with my feet folded under me.
I was so sure that the rats and cockroaches, frogs would bite me if I let my feet hanged on the floor.
I was living in a school quarters with my father and had so much time being alone at home.
I encountered snake, frog and rat inside the house so many times that I developped this phobia.
So, the solution was to never walk on the floor until somebody comes home.
I sat on the sofa for hours until my dad comes home.
Whenever I wanted to get something or go to the bathroom, I would jump from one chair to another and onto a table and finally tiptoed fast into toilet.
Looking back, it wasn't fun being a scared little kid.
Now, that little part of me remained in my grown up wise, self-assured self.
Phobia is bad and bad memories always haunt you down.

Hubby will get a pest control to come soon.
Get rid of this parasite.


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