Mystique night

Mystique night it was..

On the weekend for Eidiladha, I went back to my husband's kampung.
It was such a lovely night where the whole sibblings hanged out at the veranda enjoying the cool breeze and chatted.
They made fun of each other a lot.
Then, they talked about spooky things which happened in the house.
It happened late at night when my nephew Adam was talking alone in the dark, at the hall.
He was looking at one spot facing the ceiling and said,' Jangan kacau Adam. Jangan kacau Adam'.
Translate 'Don't disturb me (Adam)'.

He repeated several times and it became louder and louder that his parents woke up with a startle and  rushed to him.
'What's wrong??' they asked.

He said that there was a large hairy black creature who was in front of him looking at him.
The creature stood in front of the door to the room I sleep.

My sister in law and her family slept in the hall outside the room we slept and she told a story one morning.
It was 3 a.m. when she saw a large hairy, black figure walking out from that door and walked passed her.
That is why she always sleep with her head all covered with blanket.
Everytime hehehehe.
I mean of course I believe in their stories especially since my mother in law admitted that the village has its story and the spot that they build the house was actually haunted.
It was exactly at the ground of that room where we slept when during old times there was a tall, old tree with what they believed to have something sitting on the branch at night.

The thing is with this mysterious creatures, if you don't think about them, they rarely show up.

Some nights Isabella just doesn't want to enter the room.
She would cry forever until we take her out.
The cry stopped immediately as soon as we stepped out.

It was Sunday night almost 2 a.m.
We have just celebrated Isabella's turning one.
We all were about to sleep as we laughed out about the spooky stories.
My husband's last words to his eldest sister was,' Kalau kau teringat kat dia Long, seratus kali dia teringat kat engkau'.
And we smiled, brushed it off.

It was 3 a.m. when Isabella started wailing so loud with shivers.
We woke up with a rush.
Turned on the light to see if anything bite her like the other night.
Tried to breastfeed her but she refused.
Checked her temperature, normal.
Check her tummy, soft and not distended.
Pampers clean.
We took turns to calm her down but she kept on crying which is very very unusual for her.
My baby doesn't cry at night and never ever keep us awake at night.
Being cranky at night because of fever and flu doesn't count because that cry wasn't even this loud.
She cried almost an hour non stop and we were running out of ideas.
We kept on asking each other 'What is wrong with her? Everything is fine and she is well'
Should we wake my MIL?
We had to hold in our arms because the cry would multiply if we put her on the bed.
Finally hubby went out of the room.
I didn't know where he went.
Isabella was in my arms but she kept on looking behind me extending her neck to my left and to my right, to my left, right very fast.
She was very anxious as she kept looking behind me as if there was something.
I knew something was wrong by the way she was searching for something.
Didn't turn my back.
I read ayat Kursi again and again.
Her cry continued but slower.
My hair stood up.
From far I could hear a faraway sound almost laughter-giggle in the wood.
I didn't tell my husband.
He came back with a strict face and whispered to the room,'Jangan kacau anak aku. Kalau engkau nak kacau dia, kau datang pada aku dulu. Tunjuk dulu diri engkau pada aky baru kau berani kacau dia'.
Translation: Don't you disturb my child. Show yourself to me before you dare to disturb her'.

He kept on repeating this softly while he held Isabella in his arms.
He was weird but you know those Silat Masters are weird at times like this.
What do I know???

Then, he said,' I am taking her out of the room'.
He was all serious and quiet so I didn't want to disagree with him but my in laws all were sleeping in the hall and Isabella cry was too loud.
I didn't want everyone's sleep to be interrupted.

He stepped out.
The cry stopped as soon as he stepped out with her.
It didn't even reduce in volume but stopped immediately.
He held her in the kitchen as I watched.
After 10 minutes, he took her back inside.
She didn't cry at all.
She started to smile a little bit and play quietly on the bed.
As she was so sleepy, she lied back and dozed off.
We didn't say a word.
We were quiet but each one understood that something has just happened.
We were so sleepy too.

The next morning he told me that Isabella was staring at the centre of the bed, where we let her sleep and cried louder when he took her near.
That was when he knew.
After he whispered those words, suddenly the hair on his neck stood and he felt a light breeze passing by behind in in the room.

I then told him how when he left the room Isabella started looking behind my back wildly, actively turning her head left and right as if trying to catch a glimpse on something which was moving so fast.

Being a science person, I don't live thinking about ghosts and life in the other side of the world but being a Muslim, I believe in their existence.
That simple.
But yes when your child suddenly act strange at night and everything with her is actually normal and fine, you can consider this disturbance.
Because kids and babies can see what we cannot.

Isabella woke up being her usual happy self all smiley that it was so weird thinking how she cried last night as if it would never end.


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