Packing liquids for flight my way.

Airline policy for liquid is to carry only 100mls on board in a hand carry.
Thus it makes packing a little bit tricky.
I can't just pack everything into the checked in baggage because I usually need them in the plane and during long transit.
The aeroplane's recycled air tends to dry our skin and cause break out.
So I always wash my face on the flight at night and re-apply moisturizer.
During the transit period, I would take my small bag and visit the lady's room.
Once again, I will brush my teeth and wash my face.
Re-apply moisturizer and touch up my face with powder.
I don't usually put on a lot of make up on my face.
I am comfortable with UV protection moisturizer and powder.
A little lipgloss to protect my lips from harsh air.

Here is the tips for liquid packing.
Collect all the samples product that you get and pack them in your carry on or handbag.
The samples are in tiny packaging.
I always get them whenever I buy beauty products but I don't use them normally.
Now is the time.
Small make up bags.
I always collect the small bags I get as a gift from buying beauty products and from relatives who just came back from oversea's trips.
They are very handy for travelling.
Especially the one with a mirror attached to it.

So if I add all these up, they won't make upto 100mls yet.
I keep them in my handbags.
Day moisturizer, night moisturizer, eye cream, hand cream, perfume from my friend, eye brow brush, concealer, roll on blusher and lip gloss.

Next is packing my toiletries for the check in luggage.
Since we have a limited weight limit for baggage, we should use them wisely.
Here are the things that I take with me during a long holiday.

Pad and panty liners for emergency.
Small bottle shampoo and shower gel.
Facial wash Cetaphil in a sample bottle.
I also bought a travelling bottle kit from Watson.
I transferred all my body cream and contact lens saline into these bottle.
Instead of carrying the big bottle, just transfer them into tiny boxes.
Now you can save on weight.

I also bought a pill box to transfer all my usual Loreal Revitalift cream plus vaseline.
The bottom photo is my makeup bag.
See how small it is??
Easy right?

Next is my medicines bag.

Plaster in case of some minor cut.
Flanil cream for muscle cramps or pain.
Elomet for allergic or itchiness.
Minyak angin for Isabella if she gets bloated which she has never had.
Still I might need it who knows.
Zepro for my husband who at times get gastric pain.
He also need cmc ointment and eye drop for his allergies.
That bag is from my sister in law when she visited Vietnam.

This is for Isabella.
Always have Spf cream and Sebamed cream with me.
She has a very sensitive skin.
Her shampoo and shower gel are repacked into tiny bottles.

So you see, it is not difficult to travel light at all even with a baby.
It just take a proper planning.
Hope this tips help.


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