Harrods is a must visit..

A day at Harrods..
Harrods is just a wondeful, amazing house of luxury.
Eventhough I can't afford most of theirs stuffs, I still enjoy them.
Harrods is located near Knightsbridge stop.
Get an Oyster card at the Heathrow airport.
You can use pounds or credit card.
It is pay as you go.
I topped up for £40 for 5 days of usage.
That makes roughly RM 220 for 5 days of all you can use public transport per person.
You can use the underground and have a short walk following the huge building with a big Harrods sign on it.
There are so many things to find here, from food to bedsheet.
Chocolate to Laduree macarons.
But the crowds were big.
Just get ready to squeeze yourself.
If you go to 4th floor, there you can find all Harrods goodies such as teddy bears, key chains, fridge magnets, handbags and souvenirs.
The price range from as low as £4 (RM 25) to £50.
The cheapest thing would be keychains, fridge magnets and pens.
The Harrods handbags are lovely.
The price are from £25 (RM 138) to £40-50.
I think for a good made handbag the price is reasonable if you compared to Zara and MNG bags which could easily be more expensive or costing the same amount.
I enjoyed the book section.
They have all the books that you would wish to find.
Popular biography, cook books and cute children story books.

You can buy everything and all you need is money babeh hehehe.
So make sure you visit Harrods.
Definitely you will something worth buying.
Okay guys..


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