Tips on travelling with a baby to a cold place

I have been asked if we travel through an agent.
The answer is no.
All trips are planned by me.
I bought the tickets myself and reserved all the hotels.
I did my own itineraries.
I did get some request to share them but it will be too much of a hassle since they are so long and in details.
Here I would like to share about travelling with kids to a cold country.

When you wish to travel to a 4 seasons place, the most important thing is to choose the season.
There are 4 seasons and every season lasts for 3 months.
Winter, spring, summer and autumn.
Each season has different range of temperature and that will determine the clothes you will bring with you.
If you are not used to the weather, you can do a little research to get some ideas.
I chose autumn because it is my favourite season.
I just love the yellow, orange shade if colors everywhere.
I also knew that Isabella would enjoy the leaves as well.

Autumn starts in September till November.
However, September is usually still warm for me.
I don't like summer in Europe since it is hotter than Malaysia.
Autumn and winter are also the off season for tourisim in Europe.
Therefore, you will not meet big crowd of tourists during this time.
The price for hotels will be off season as well.
However, the low side is that autumn can be wet with rain.
Thus, you need to have raincoat or baby's rain shield.
I didn't buy it so it is not so convinient for us when it started raining.
Luckily, so far we had one day rain only.
It will also protects from the chilly wind.

Next is, the footmuff.
It protects your baby from the cold weather.
She will feel cozy inside.
I have seen the European and British use it in autumn.
Next time I will have it with me during travelling.
Somedays it gets very chilly and you will prefer having a footmuff.
If you wish to travel in winter, you must have this!!
Winter is so cold and it can go beyond 0 degree.
You would want to protect your child from the cold wind and harsh weather.
Since you will be outside the whole day, your child might be exposed to overcooling.
Overcooling is dangerous for your child.

Since it is too late to buy it for Isabella, I just have to dress her in layers of warm clothes.
I also use thick wool blanket for her in the stroller.
Wool will trap heat layer atound her body and will protect her from the cold.
Thankfully, most days are still two digits cold.

How to dress your baby in the cold?
I dress her in a bodysuit as the first layer.
It feels like wearing a fit long sleeves inside and prevent the wind from touching the skin.
Next is her sweater or jumper.
The sweater or jumper are thick or made from wool or knitted.
Then comes a coat or thick long sweat or jacket.
She wears leggings with stocking inside her pants and a thick boots.
During cooler  days I make her wear socks on top of the stockings.
Shawl and cap is very important.
70% of heat will be loss through the head and neck.
I bought a pair in London.

Some of her jacket, I got it from London because the clothes are more suitable for the weather.
However, you can just use your creativity to mix and match.

Next important thing is baby cream.
The air is cold and harsh here.
Even your skin will feel the dryness with cracked lips.
Apply vaseline to your child's lips.
I got a thick Pureen cream for Isabella.
I took the thick cream because it will provide better protection than the runny lotion.
However, in the cold London, Isabella's skin became dry and flaky.
I applied so many times during the day even during the outing but the cream was useless.
I thought thats it. Before my baby's skin become worse, I just need to visit a pharmacy.
I bought a cream from Boots.
I have never seen this brand in Malaysia but I passed several of this brand shop in London's streets.

After reading the label and hypoallergenic, I grabbed it to the counter.
What I love about this is because it is based on castor oil.
Castor oil will provide a layer on your baby's skin against the air.
Additional of zinc is a bonus because zinc soothes redness and inflammation.
After applying just once, her skin improved tremendously.
After a day, the redness disappear.
Now, I use on her whole body including her butt.
I tell you if you are going to visit a cold country, your regular cream might be too light for your child.
Don't worry, just visit the pharmacy nearby.
They have what suits their own weather.
Just don't wait for too long until the skin gets so bad.

Baby food.
It is difficult if your baby wants the regular porridge or puree.
In London, we rent a townhouse through airbnb so we got the kitchen to make baby's porridge.
Every morning, I feed Isabella with porridge and milk until she is so full before we go out.
During lunch time, she will have her porridge again and in between snack such as banana,yougurt and bread.
You have to bring along your baby's tupperware,baby's water cup, bottle and spoons.
Along the way, you can give her water to stay hydrated.
She will become thirsty.
Where to feed your baby?
In the park on the bench or just as you walk on the street.
I feed Isabella with banana as we walk along.
Make sure you have baby wipes to clean your hands and the sanitizer.
In paris, we stay in a hotel so no kitchen.
I got some puree from the supermarkets, a lot of banana from the fresh market, fresh bread and butter plus yougurt.
My baby is not a fussy eater.
She eats bread with butter, banana, yougurt, some puree and omellete.
I taught Isabella not to be choosy because I was preparing for her trip.
Thankfully she eats just like us.
She is not a fan of puree in comparison to our food.

Where to change diapers?
You don't walk in the mall all the time.
You will be on the streets where there will be no toilets.
In Geneva, we didn't find outdoor's toilet like in Paris.
London provides toilet in all the underground station so it was easier for us.
I have changed Isabella's diaper in a corner of a restaurant or in a quiet shielded corner of an underground station during desperate times.
Make sure that the place is shielded from the cold air because you will be undressing your baby and you don't want her to feel cold.
Cold is bad for baby's health. Remember that.
Since the weather is cold, you might need to change few more times because she pees more than in Malaysia.
I use Mammypoko pant because it is durable and easier to put on.
Mammypoko can last for 5 hours without being changed.

Should you bring a stroller?
Yes definitely.
If I don't find a toilet, I changed Isabella's diaper in her stroller.

The British likes to use Bugaboo and Stokke.
The like the big, extravagant stroller eventhough they use bus.
I guess it is better on wobbly walk and parks.
I am so glad that Britax B-Agile has excellent suspension and big tyres because I don't think it will last this long in a cheaper push chair after such a long walk.
I even considered buying a cheap lightweight push chair just for travelling.
Lucky I didn't because it is very important to have a reliable stroller.l
Like I said, the European and British prefer the big tyres rather than MacLaren and Quinny.
So far, I saw one Quinny on the street in Paris.
However, it is upto you.
You can find a lightweight big tyres as well.
If you are using a bus, you don't have to care about how heavy your stroller is as long as it can fit the entrance which it will because they have a bus entrance for wheelchair.

We have Ergobaby but Isabella hates it.
We haven't use it here.
However, I have seen others doing it.

Choosing a hotel..
I chose a hotel in the middle of Paris, very near to Lafayette, Opera, Gare St. Lazare because it is in the city where you can get food all around.
A supermarket just 2 minutes walk in case my baby needs something.
The room is very spacious with a tub and big bathroom.
Isabella has plenty of space to stretch her legs.

Grand Palais.
Walking to Grand Palais which is behind me.
Pont de Alexandre III.
From Champs Elysee you can cross this bridge to take you on the other side of the bank, to Eiffel Tower.
That is the Seine River.
From Pont de Alexandre III, you can see the Eiffel Tower.
It was a wet day in Paris.
As the rain gets heavier, we stopped for a hot chocolate.
This patisserie is just so delightful.
The pastries and croissants were just mouthwatering.
My husband enjoyed it so much.
Paris makes a traditional Malay guy who hates bread and pizza suddenly fell in love with them.
Great job Paris!!
The hot chocolate is very different.
She gave us 2 cups of hot milk and a chocolate on stick.
You dip it inside as it melts.
Very creative and delicious as well.
The chocolate is its own made.
The end.


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