Covent Garden Market is absolutely lovely.

Today is our last day.
What better way to spend this day then to visit the famous Covent Garden.
It is a must visit place when you come to London.
I just love the aura of old English with a tint of modernization.
The cheerful surrounding and the bustling people passing by.
It makes the piazza alive.

Christmas came early this year.
Covent Garden Market is a place where you can find Chanel to chocolate and art.
There are cafes inside where people chill with friends mostly.
Few famous restaurants are here and I have seen Marion Counter's photo on instagram where she stood right here (above photo).
She had lunch at Balthezar.

Look how sweet is this old couple. Resting in front of a cute cocoa shop.
I wonder if this will be us in the future LOL.
Near the London Transport Museum.

Despite its central location, the price of the souvenirs are veryreasonable.
The London sweatshirt are sold at a good price of £20 in comparison to other places of £35.
Do not hesitate to get souvenirs from here.
I just love the unique design of every shop along the road.
Very English.

Isabella had so much fun.


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