Not all who travel are lost

We have arrived in Paris yesterday.
We took an early Easy Jet flight to Paris from Luton Airport and arrived in Paris at 8 a.m.
Since it was wee early, Isabella slept throughout the flight.
She only woke up after we got off the plane.
It was a beautiful sunny morning in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
In comparison to the London's cold and gloomy weather, it was a pleasant surprise seeing sunrays upon our arrival.
We stayed  at a hotel in the middle of the city near Gare St. Lazare in the 8th arrondissement, Champs de Elysees.
Since we arrived at 10.30 a.m. we couldn't check in yet.
We left the luggage in the bags' room and changed Isabella's diaper in the baby's room.
The hotel has everything and the most important thing is that it has delicious halal food close by.
So many of them in fact.
I have to tell you this, Paris's food is marvellous from it's pastries, breads, baguettes to the panini, falafel and kebab.

Hell, I even had a little fight with my husband because he finished his kebab and started eating mine.
Man, it was so good.
No!! It was the best ever, combined all the Europe cities.
Hmmm, maybe after Russian's shawarma.
We both agreed that this kebab was the best so far in comparison to Geneva and London.

We started walking towards Boulevard Haussman and entered Gallery Lafayette.
This is a very luxurious shopping mall.

I just love the display in the glass.
My favourite is the Burberry collections.
Do you know that the puppets actually dance and fly  behind the glass.
Pretty creative,
My husband suddenly developped a thing for selfie in Europe.
Here we are walking around Palais Opera.

Paris is not that big in comparison to London so we could walk everywhere.
We didn't use public transport at all.
The weather was warm so Isabella was comfortable.
We headed to Place de Concorde.
It was next to Jardin des Tulleries.
Every building in Paris is simply gorgeous.
Every building is special.
So you don't have to go far to get a view.
Just walk around and breathe in all the beauty that it has to offer.
Just don't rush.
As I walk along the streets, I will look across the road for the buildings and cute cafes and smile.
Take a deep breath and smile.

What we do is that we will just walk until we find something.
We accidently found the Madeleine.
And we kept finding more and more.
Just make sure you wear clothes appropriate for the weather and good shoes.
You won't enjoy yourself if you are in pain or freezing.
Walking gives a sense of freedom.
First,y, you don't miss any building and attractions.
Second, you can always take the time to enjoy the beauty or take photos.
I don't like to be rushed.
On the way to Arc de Triomphe, we found the Laduree shop.
It is a must visit.
Do you know that Laduree was founded by a French and it was the first bakery which created Macaron.
Now, macaron is very popular worldwide and produced under multiple brand as well.
1 mini Laduree costed €1.90.
You can choose them in a box or plastic.
If you want them in this beautiful box, you will have to add extra money.
Altogether, my purchase was €16.90.
However, as I started munching them, I thought my every Euro has been worth it.
They were light, soft, a little bit moist but not too much with a slight crust on the outside.
It doesn't taste weird like most macarons that I have tried and not overly sweet as well.
So, just try even one piece.

My husband mentioned how Paris is so different from London.
Every building is just intricately designed with a history.
I have to agree.
I am so glad that he enjoys Paris and appreciate the beauty just like I do.
It is not easy to know what he likes or feel since he doesn't talk much.
He is not like me.
I will tell him everything on my mind except when I fall asleep.
I feel very connected with him as a person who appreciate the beauty of travelling.
Not everyone has that ability to enjoy even a small beauty in travelling.
People sometimes are more into complaining during travelling.
A real traveller doesn't expect enough rest or that her journey will be easy or simple everytime.
When you love travelling, you just love everything that will come your way,the good and the bad.
It is how you face each challenge and survived that gives you the satisfaction.
You know you can be thrown anywhere and survived.
As you go along, you will appreciate the beauty of the world and the people.
Not everything will be easy, perfect and beautiful.
Not everyone you meet will be courteous or nice to you.
That is okay.
Doesn't matter.
Take the good and leave the bad.
Move on.

A traveller is never scared of hard work.
Like I told my husband,'Nak relax duduk rumah la sayang'.
Meaning if you don't wish to feel tired, you should stay at home.

So yes, I can carry very heavy luggage up the stairs, I have done that during my student days.
And I can do a lot more.
I am very resilient.
I wear pink a lot but when I don't bully my husband into carrying all the heavy bags.
I make it fair.

See how happy he is.
It is a big square in a junction.
I just can't get enough of this place.
With the blue sky and the Parisian buildings surrounding the square, beautiful gold sculptures and add a little sprinkle of water from the fountain, just slap my face. Where am I??
It is an old Parisian Paradise.
Like I said, it was a big junction.
From here, you can see Arch de Triomphe which is situated at the end of Champs de Elysees.
We crossed the road and started walking along Avenue Montaigne.
This road is filled with shops and cafes.
As I walked hand in hand with hubby, I felt so much at peace with a sense of belonging here.
I felt connected to this street.
It took me back to my student days.
It also reminded me of my friends.
Coming back to Europe made me start reminiscing my old trips with my friends.
How life has changed.
It was with them before and now I am here with my husband and child.
I did miss those moments, miss my friends and the most important thing was I miss the old me, carefree, young without responsiblities.
Travelling for me during those time was simpler as it was just about myself.
Now, I need to plan carefully on where I will go, which transport to take for stroller and what will Isabella eats.
Every night I will line up my clothes and hers for the next morning.
In the morning itself, I will get her ready and feed her to full.
Then, before we go, I will check her diaper again if it needs to be changed.
Getting ready now, takes more than before when I only took care of myself.
But still, I will not trade Isabella for anything.

Alhamdulillah, our experiences in Paris is just unforgettable.
The beautiful place, the wonderful hotel and the helpful, kind French, not to forget the super delicious food and pastries.
Our room is so spacious and I am thankful for that.
Hotels in Paris have tiny rooms so I was afraid that Isabella will feel all cramped up.
With our room, she can move about freely.
We also enjoyed a warm bubble bath in the tub yesterday.
It was a gesture made by my husband.
He filled in the warm water for me and Isabella.
It was very relaxing and fun.
This is Arc de Triomphe
It was built by Napolean Bonaparte after the French Revolution.
This Arch is so huge.
Beneath the Arc, lies the tombs of the fallen soldiers from the World War I.

So, 2 years and half of marriage.
Happy to be sharing these beautiful moments with him.
May this moments strengthen our love and marriage.


  1. I am sooo enjoying this trip... hahaha through your lense and stories, thanks so much. Exactly, the best to travel is by having positive mind and just enjoy every bit of it, bad or good. Paris is in my list of course, tapi tak tau la bila boleh sampai sana walau kami not that far away.


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