When your husband trying to kelentong.. do you know?

As a wife and a woman, I always know when my husband is trying to sell me a bull and shit.
It is just that most of the time, I know there is no harm in the things that he wants so let him be.
Somehow, he thinks I couldn't see it through.

My husband just came back from a shoot lastnight.
His next shoot is tomorrow which means today suppose to be a free day.
However, it doesn't work that way.
He has to go meet the wardrobe person to collect his clothes from yesterday's work and next, he would need to find a suitable outfit for tomorrow's shoot.
Before I went out to work just now, I asked him ' What time will you be back?'

He replied,' Don't know yet'.
Me: Ala, you are not working today so why are you even going out?
Hubby: No, I need to collect my outfit from yesterday. Then, I will have to look for a shirt for tomorrow's theme shoot. After that I have to go to Epul's office.
Me: Why do you need to go to Epul's office?

You see I know the way his job works but I like to ask and see his reaction.

Hubby: Laaaa.. Meeting la for tomorrow's shoot. Memang macam tu!

Kahkahkahkah (I laughed inside).

Me:Apa meeting malam-malam?

His style of trying to convince me of the unconvincing reason is first, he will speak louder as if I will understand more if his volume increase.
Second, comes the Laila haillallah.
You'll see.

All those time, I will ask him calmly. Chill je.

Hubby: La ila haillah. (Lost of word. His mouth will form and O shape with eyes trying to stare me down).

I have said to him once,'Tak baik you mainkan nama Allah untuk yakinkan isteri kalau you nak kelentong'

So I told him, 'You kalau nak kelentong, mesti mulut wat O camni pastu ckp Lailah haillallah'.

And he bursted into laughter. Both of us did.

Me: No need to lie ler, I know your every words and thoughts. Not so difficult to figure you out.

You see, he has to go and settle the schedule for tomorrow.
But he will be meeting his uni friends because his friends are producing this advertisement.
Which means, they might lepak sket and talk and he will come home around 10 or 11 p.m.
It is work and leisure so he felt a little bit guilty inside about the lepaking and thought that he has to explain to me that it is all work and no play.
The truth is I do not mind because I don't see any harm in enjoying your work especially with friends.
After all, no meeting means no job.
You don't meet people or mingle means nobody will call you.
It is as simple as that.
I am that professional but he doesn't know how professional a doctor is because he is not one.
Seriously a doctor is a person who respect work that is why doctors don't like Mc seekers.
We call them lazy. Unless you are really sick. Takkan nak kerja gak kan. Tu lain la.

Eventhough I trust him, I still have to make him gelabah sket at times so that he knows that I know everything.
Scary right? LOL.
I mean I don't question what he did on set, who he met, where he went because it will be too much information and to me they are not important for me to know.
And that is because I have no time to start interviewing him daily as well hehehehe.
We are both busy people.
So to me, I know my husband his weaknesses and strong point that is why I trust him.
Still, when he tries to sell me on bull and shit, I still catch him on purpose and made him laugh guling-guling embarassed.

Do you guys also can read your husband's every move and words? Or his trial to kelentong you? Hehehehehe


  1. Bhahaha... Cute.. After knowing Mr. Bob for almost 15 years.. I could detect any lies *if I encounter one* anytime... I even know how he brain thinks before he could even give me any feedback.. *petik2 jari jer* kihkih

    1. Hahahhaa wow to reach 15 years is amazing. You must know him like your own self hahahahaha because ladies are very good at reading people right? LOL


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