Farm in the city

Since we both have a day off today, we planned to visit Farm in the City in Serdang.
It was only 15 minutes from Putrajaya.

We arrived at 11.30 a.m. and found the parking spot to be full.
Wow! This place must be really selling.

The fees are very reasonable if you understand how expensive it is to run a zoo.
For adult with Mykad it costs RM 30.
You need to present your identification card.
Surprisingly, Isabella entered for free. Hehehhee.
As you enter, at first, you will spot souvenir shop.
followed by a pet shop.
I will make a note to come buy the bunnies from them soon.
Obviously Isabella has a stoned face.
She doesn't show that much reaction to almost anything.
So much like my husband.
They have an old giant tortoise.
Kids enjoyed feeding the animal.

Picking up Passion Fruit.
I didn't know that we can grow it in Malaysia.
I thought it is imported.

Showing off sangat!!

She wanted to climb in much to my horror!!
You can actually enter this fenced area and pet the rabbits.
The rabbits were very docile as they were used to people anyway.
Everyday is a learning day to her.
We fed the fish.


ewwww!!Stop looking at me

All and all we had so much fun introducing our little girl to nature and kampung.

It was worth the money.
And in the end your child will get a certificate of participation.
Okay darlings, bye2. Gonna bake a pizza for them:)


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